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What is Xplosn?  It’s pronounced ik-ˈsplō-zhən, like explosion.

Crypto, DeFi, blockchain and DLT are exploding and disrupting everything from finance to supply chain to digital identities.

Our early 21st century world has our most exciting and world-changing technologies to date.  Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, combined with AI and IOT, will continue to reshape our planet till maturity around 2040. Blockchain and Crypto are as formative as Netscape in the mid 1990’s with the explosion of the commercial web in the early 2000’s, and easy availability of the personal computer in the early 1980’s.

Xplosn.com gives you the latest news about crypto, defi and blockchain, aggregated from the most respected sources around the web. Our goal is to provide the latest news and information for everyone.

Whether you’re a trader, a hodlr or newbie, you can find coin news here.  If you’re interested in De-Fi or in Blockchain for supply chain, social good, voting or any application you’ll find it here.

Satoshi Nakamoto cemented our current consensus-based, trustless and immutable blockchain when he innovated Bitcoin in 2008 and released the open source software in 2009.

No matter your level of expertise in 2020, you’re not too late to the party.

Xplosn.com is a virtual company based out of San Francisco, CA.

The Team