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$870,000,000,000 in Interest Will Be Spent on US National Debt This Year, Exceeding Defense Spending for First Time Since 1940: Report (3/2/2024) by Henry Kanapi

The US government is expected to shell out nearly a trillion dollars this year just to cover the interest on its record-level debt. The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget (CRFB), a nonprofit that calls attention to issues with significant
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Under-the-Radar Altcoin Surges After Surprise Listing on Crypto Exchange Binance (3/2/2024) by Conor Devitt

An under-the-radar, interoperability-focused altcoin set a new all-time high after Binance announced it was listing the asset. Axelar (AXL) is a programmable Web3 interoperability platform that aims to provide cross-chain communication between numerous blockchains. Explains the project’s website, “Unlike other
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Bitcoin’s Current Surge Is Outperforming Previous Pre-Halving Rallies, According to Analyst – Here’s His Outlook (3/2/2024) by Mark Emem

A cryptocurrency strategist is forecasting the path forward for Bitcoin (BTC) after a double-digit rally over the past couple of days. The crypto analyst pseudonymously known as Rekt Capital tells his 59,700 YouTube subscribers that as the halving scheduled for
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Banking Glitch Sends $200,000,000 To 30,000 People in Error, Triggering Mad Dash To Claw Back Funds: Report (3/2/2024) by Henry Kanapi

Officials in one of the richest cities in the world are scrambling to claw back funds after a big banking glitch gave tens of thousands of employees a massive payday. On Monday, 30,000 Zurich city employees received double their February
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Nigerian Government Demands Nearly $10,000,000,000 From Binance for Alleged Foreign Exchange Rate Manipulation: Report (3/2/2024) by Mehron Rokhy

The government of Nigeria is demanding billions of dollars from Binance, alleging that the crypto exchange manipulated the exchange rate of its fiat currency. According to a new report by the BBC, the Nigerian government is slapping Binance with a
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$90,000,000,000,000 Transfer of Wealth Begins, Creating Richest Generation in Human History: Report (3/2/2024) by Daily Hodl Staff

A seismic shift of wealth is beginning in the US, which will create the richest generation in recorded history, according to a new report. The global real estate consultancy firm Knight Frank is releasing its 2024 Wealth Report, and it
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Bitcoin Price Primed To Hit $900,000, According To Contentious Crypto Model – Here’s the Timeline (3/2/2024) by Daily Hodl Staff

Macro investor and fund manager Dan Tapiero says he’s analyzing the historical accuracy of a predictive model that suggests Bitcoin (BTC) will reach $900,000 this cycle. The CEO of investment firm 10T Holdings tells his 113,000 followers on the social
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Zilliqa on-chain transactions plunge amid ‘technical issue’ (12/18/2023) by Cointelegraph By Zhiyuan Sun

“We are still investigating & we should be able to share an update soon,” wrote a Zilliqa community moderator. The $383-million Zilliqa ecosystem is experiencing disruptions due to a “critical situation” impacting the network. According to a Dec. 18 post
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Unofficial Arweave forking plans draw community controversy (12/18/2023) by Cointelegraph By Zhiyuan Sun

A hard fork proposed by Arweave’s largest layer-2 solution, Irys, is allegedly in the making. Irys, a prominent layer-2 network within the Arweave ecosystem, allegedly has plans to fork the Arweave network with the intent to “drop the dataset and
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Solana Saga sells for up to $5K on eBay as Bonk frenzy causes sell-out (12/17/2023) by Cointelegraph By Tom Mitchelhill

After months of tepid sales, the Solana Saga phone is now “SOLD OUT” on its official website amid a recent frenzy for the free Bonk memecoin airdrop. 2662 Total views 4 Total shares A Solana Saga phone appears to have
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Bitcoin's 8-week win streak is in danger, but ATOM, FIL, EGLD, and ALGO don't care (12/17/2023) by Cointelegraph By Rakesh Upadhyay

Bitcoin’s (BTC) eight-week winning streak is likely to end as the price is down nearly 4% this week. The recent weakness indicates profit-booking by traders but it does not change the short-term uptrend. The pullback will also help reduce the
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J1mmy.eth once minted 420 Bored Apes… and had NFTs worth $150M: NFT Creator (12/14/2023) by Cointelegraph By Greg Oakford

When the history books are written, and the documentaries are made on the formative days of NFTs, Jimmy McNelis, aka j1mmy.eth, will hold a special place in history as a creator, as a passionate advocate, and for having one of
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Ledger patches vulnerability after multiple DApps using connector library were compromised (12/14/2023) by Cointelegraph By Prashant Jha

Multiple decentralized applications using Ledger’s connector library have been compromised, including SushiSwap and Ledger claims the issue has been fixed. 4545 Total views 32 Total shares Update (Dec. 14 at 2:45 pm UTC): This article has been updated to
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Crypto exchange liquidity, explained (12/13/2023) by Cointelegraph By Guneet Kaur

Liquidity in financial markets The ease and speed with which assets can be bought or sold without materially altering their prices is referred to as liquidity in the financial markets.  It’s the ability to swiftly turn an asset into cash
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