Alpha Finance Lab Launches Alpha Venture DAO Helping Builders Tap the Best Mindshare in Web 3.0

Alpha Finance Lab Launches Alpha Venture DAO Helping Builders Tap the Best Mindshare in Web 3.0

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March 31, 2022 – Bangkok, Thailand

Alpha Finance Lab is launching Alpha Venture DAO, a builders’ DAO, where builders and web 3.0 users meet to build and incubate cutting-edge web 3.0 innovation. Builders will receive support and mentorship from Terraform Labs, which is a partner of Alpha Venture DAO, and Alpha Network, a group of more than 50 thought leaders, influencers and leading investors in web 3.0. Incubated projects can also tap Alpha’s community of 100,000 web 3.0 users.

Alpha Venture DAO disrupts the way web 3.0 projects are being funded. It is a decentralized venture capital fund with its community as its paycheck. Community members can offer expertise and skills to incubated projects and become owners of high-quality ventures before the project launch and ahead of anyone else, creating a strong incentive for web 3.0 users to contribute to projects.

In essence, Alpha Venture DAO changes the way web 3.0 projects are funded, making ownership of projects more accessible for the community.

Alpha Venture DAO brings more than 50 thought leaders and top minds in web 3.0. Founders will get unique access to hands-on mentorship from Alpha Network, including AVA Labs, The Spartan Group, Multicoin Capital, SCB10X, AlphaLab Capital, Jason Choi, Darryl Wang and individuals from Coinbase, Bitmex, Capital, SIG, 1kx, Band Protocol, Acala Network and many more. Incubated projects will also receive technical and infrastructure support from Terraform Labs.

Tascha Punyaneramitdee, co-founder of Alpha Venture DAO, said,

“Since the web 3.0 industry is still in its infancy, we believe that it will go through multiple phases of growth. In order to remain relevant over the next 10 years, we have to be agile in how we create and capture value. This is why we don’t limit ourselves to only building in-house products – but we also started incubating external projects in order to grow into a multi-chain DApp ecosystem. Hence, the ALPHA token will be a proxy for web 3.0 innovation.”

Natalie Luu, head of ecosystem development at Terraform Labs, said,

“Terraform Labs is proud to be Alpha Venture DAO’s partner and provide support to founders building on the Terra ecosystem. We welcome builders who want to join Terra’s fast-growing ecosystem to create new use cases leveraging UST stablecoin and the Terra blockchain.”

So far, Alpha Venture DAO has several multi-million dollar projects within its ecosystem, including Beta Finance, pStake and GuildFi. Every incubated project has secured funding from tier one VCs and launched successful tokens. The multi-pronged focus on DeFi, NFTs and the metaverse enable the Alpha team to gather knowledge and expertise to help future incubated projects.

Incubation is one pillar for Alpha Venture DAO. The team will continue to build category-defining products to create synergetic value with the Alpha ecosystem. The Alpha team is behind Homora, the world’s first cross-chain leveraged yield farming protocol, which has garnered over $1.8 billion in total value locked.

Alpha Venture DAO makes it easier for enthusiasts to access new promising projects and contribute to web 3.0 innovations. In the future, the community will be able to contribute to Alpha in-house products and vote on the DAO governance via the ALPHA token.

Meet some of the mentors in Alpha Network

About Alpha Venture DAO

Alpha Venture DAO is a community of daring individuals who aspire to shape the future of web 3.0 by reinventing how decentralized applications are built, contributed and owned. Our vision is to become a multi-chain DApp ecosystem.

By being a part of Alpha Venture DAO, anyone can build, contribute and own web 3.0 innovation. Builders now have a complete ecosystem to bootstrap their web 3.0 projects. Web 3.0 users now have a place to contribute meaningfully to cutting-edge web 3.0 projects early on. ALPHA token holders now have an avenue to sustainably capture the real alpha.


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