Blocktrade and SKAi2 Bring an All-in-One Solution for an Instant Crypto Payment

Blocktrade and SKAi2 Bring an All-in-One Solution for an Instant Crypto Payment

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January 24, 2024 – Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Asset marketplace and trading platform, Blocktrade, has announced a major release that brings crypto payment to the shops easier than ever.

With the new feature, any retailer can now accept payments in multiple cryptocurrencies and receive euros that are deposited into their accounts instantly.

With the collaboration of the technology provider, SKAi2, consumers can now use the Blocktrade mobile app to pay with over 60 different cryptocurrencies.

For every purchase, the users will receive five-percent cash-back depending on the cryptocurrency used for payment, plus an additional cash-back of up to 25% in the Blocktrade token, BTEX.

These days SKAi2 is rolling out a next-generation point-of-sale terminal system for retailers that provides merchants with the ability to accept both traditional payments, such as credit and debit cards, as well as cryptocurrency transactions.

While alternative providers have enabled retailers to accept crypto in the past, the ‘pay with Blocktrade’ feature stands out as it’s the first solution to enable retailers to process crypto payments immediately, eliminating the risks associated with crypto volatility.

The payments will be processed as efficiently as a traditional credit or debit card transaction, with the amount in crypto automatically exchanged into euros.

Unlike credit card payments, which can take several days to process, the crypto funds will be deposited into the retailer’s account.

Pay with Blocktrade stands out as the fastest, simplest, safest and most effective solution for retailers to accept crypto payments than ever before. The entire transaction takes 10 seconds.

Retailers will benefit from being able to accept crypto, while consumers will be able to put their crypto savings to use in the real world, paying for everyday goods in a fast and seamless way using the Blocktrade mobile app.

They’ll be able to choose to pay in any cryptocurrency they hold in their Blocktrade wallet.

The capability stands in contrast to competing solutions, which are not only slow but also extremely clunky and unreliable, with retailers often being disadvantaged by the extremely volatile exchange rates of most crypto tokens.

Christian Niedermueller, CEO at Blocktrade, said,

“This is a milestone achievement for Blocktrade as we introduce the ‘pay with Blocktrade’ feature in partnership with SKAi2.

“This feature will enable seamless integration of cryptocurrencies into everyday life transactions, which is a significant step towards crypto mass adoption.

“We are combining innovative payment terminal hardware with cutting-edge software to provide a simple solution for merchants and an engaging, experience for consumers.

“Our efforts are breaking new ground in the crypto industry, signaling our commitment to redefining how digital assets integrate into mainstream commerce.”

Pay with Blocktrade is rolling out now with the Blocktrade 4.0 update and is expected to be adopted by 10,000 merchants by the end of the first quarter of 2024, expanding to more than 100,000 merchants by the end of the year.

To learn more about Blocktrade and ‘pay with Blocktrade,’ visit the website.

About Blocktrade

Blocktrade is a state-of-the-art digital asset platform that enables the seamless buying and selling of cryptocurrencies with no trading fees.

The platform offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies, a user-friendly interface, multiple payment options, saving plans and exceptional customer support.

Established in 2018, Blocktrade has emerged as a leading player in the digital asset industry due to its unyielding commitment to security and regulatory compliance.

The platform is fully transparent, with over 5,000 class-B shareholders and regulated to EU standards.

It is registered as a VASP with the Estonian, Italian and Slovenian regulators and operates in full compliance with AML Five guidelines.

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Morteza Alamalhoda, head of marketing at Blocktrade

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