Sensorium Unveils Sensorium Arc – A New Decentralized Platform for the Web 3.0 Era

Sensorium Unveils Sensorium Arc – A New Decentralized Platform for the Web 3.0 Era

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May 5, 2023 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sensorium, the Swiss tech developer behind the Sensorium Galaxy metaverse, is today announcing the development of Sensorium Arc a decentralized platform dedicated to hosting both company-owned and third-party Web 3.0 products and assets.

Under this novel Web 3.0 ecosystem, the company will first release SENSO DApp and Under in a move targeting added functionalities and monetization opportunities.

Sensorium Arc will be powered by SENSO the native currency of the Sensorium ecosystem.

Moreover, Sensorium is looking to unlock new tokenomics opportunities for SENSO and add enhanced use cases to Sensorium’s future NFT assets, including avatars and land parcels, and participation in loyalty initiatives.

Alex Firsov, chief Web 3.0 officer at Sensorium, said,

“SENSO holders stand to enjoy all these extended benefits and additional perks as we unveil this new milestone for Sensorium.

“Above all, we believe that the next 12 to 18 months will be an incredible window of opportunity in shaping the evolution of Web 3.0, and we fully intend to support that growth and ensure that we include our existing community as well as welcome new users, developers and enthusiasts to our platform.”

Apart from helping create a new layer utility for SENSO, Sensorium Arc is also aimed at giving Web 3.0 developers an opportunity to launch and test their assets in a ready-made environment that can rapidly source users to their experiences.

Firsov continued,

“Sensorium hopes to be a positive contribution to the rising Web 3.0 industry, and we believe that Sensorium Arc can pave the way for a more decentralized and equitable digital future. As leaders in the Web 3.0 space, we’re excited to be at the forefront of this transformation.”

About Sensorium

Founded in 2018, Sensorium is a Swiss company and a leading metaverse developer, leveraging cutting-edge XR and AI technology to deliver next-generation virtual experiences in entertainment and social interaction.

The award-winning Sensorium Galaxy metaverse project the company’s flagship product is currently the only global XR multiplayer platform that immerses users into multi-sensory experiences in virtual worlds across content hubs of various forms.

These include immersive musical experiences in the epicenter of entertainment, PRISM world, self-discovery programs and guided meditations unfolding within the spiritual environment of MOTION world  and a new type of transversal social interaction enabled by a million-strong community of AI-controlled autonomous virtual beings inhabiting the metaverse.

Sensorium leans on its long-standing collaboration with the world’s best technology and entertainment partners to shape the environments and content of its metaverse.

In addition to the innovative developments in the fields of virtual reality and AI, accessible through a wide variety of interfaces, Sensorium is also a leading Web 3.0 company enabling a stack of pioneering blockchain and decentralized solutions.

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Matias Lapuschin, Web 3.0 marketing director at Sensorium

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