Umetaworld Announces New Website and App Launch

Umetaworld Announces New Website and App Launch

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July 8, 2022 – Milan, Italy

Umetaworld, the first-ever social media metaverse, has announced the launch of its new website and mobile app. Both launches signal the metaverse open for users who can now interact with others as well as a digital landscape.

The website will be going live in the second week of July 2022, and its app is slated to be released on July 16, 2022.

There is a lot of talk about the metaverse these days and how people can use it. But a lot of this talk is limited to metaverses being used as gaming landscapes. Umetaworld is different in that it focuses on the metaverse as a purely social space.

In Umetaworld, users can interact with each other using high-end avatars, which are created with realistic renditions of their faces. By taking a selfie during the registration process, users can create high-definition versions of themselves to enjoy.

There is also the ability to create and customize private rooms that can be decorated and dedicated to whatever topic the user chooses. Virtual events can also be held in the Umetaworld such as concerts, conferences, meetups and even shopping.

Once its metaverse is made downloadable on July 16, 2022, users can explore its ‘Union Square’ – a digital landscape that is reminiscent of the material world.

Umetaworld’s vision is to create a positive virtual space where users can be free of their worries and responsibilities. In a world just emerging from the pandemic, a thing like this is very much needed.

According to Daniele Marinelli, founder and CEO of DTSocialize, who is also a founder of Umetaworld, this project has been created to share positivity within the Web 3.0 landscape. Marinelli will be presenting at the Metaverse Summit in Paris, France, on July 16-17, 2022. While there, he will speak on two panels – ‘Web 3.0 and Decentralization’ and ‘Mixed Reality and Virtual World.’

His summit appearance will also see him formally introduce Umetaworld to the rest of the Web 3.0 community. The project has certainly been well-received so far, with its native token UMW being listed on major DEXs and centralized exchange listings coming soon.

About Umetaworld

Umetaworld is the first-ever social media metaverse landscape that allows users to interact with one another, enjoy events and even trade using high-definition avatars. Built on principles of reality and fun, Umetaworld gives its users full control of their digital experience and encourages them to enjoy all that Web 3.0 has to offer.

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Alice Carli, CMDO of Umetaworld and DTSocialize

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