XRP Ledger’s Shiny New AMM Runs Into Problems – Here’s What We Know

XRP Ledger’s Shiny New AMM Runs Into Problems – Here’s What We Know

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Following the official launch of XRP Ledger’s (XRPL) Automated Market Maker (AMM), XLS-30, on March 22, developers unearthed various discrepancies linked to a system bug. As a result, an XRPL developer has called for a fix, highlighting the need for enhanced testing procedures and the incorporation of a Canary Network to bolster the AMM’s stability. 

XRPL’s New AMM Encounters Unexpected Bug

On March 24, the RippleX development team unveiled a technical glitch in its newly launched AMM. The revelation comes as a surprise to the general XRPL community, as they had been eagerly waiting for the protocol to roll out

According to the official statement released by the RippleX team, the technical glitch surfaced as a result of multiple discrepancies identified in several AMM pools. Upon investigation, the team revealed that the inconsistencies had “affected how the DEX payment engine routes liquidity through the AMM pools and order books.”

Addressing the issue, the development team has assured users that the engineering team were working diligently to resolve the bug issue and restore normal operation in the AMM. Additionally, they have advised users to remain cautious and avoid depositing new funds into the AMM pools until the dilemma has been rectified.

Despite the temporary setback, optimism remains in the XRPL community, with many expressing confidence in the development team’s ability to swiftly address the issue. The RippleX team has also stated that it has begun reviewing several proposed fixes for the AMM glitch, highlighting that the proposals will have to go through an amendment voting process before any solution is implemented.  

XRPL Dev Calls For Canary Network

In response to the technical challenges faced by XRPL’s new AMM, WietseWind, one of the developers of the XRP Ledger has proposed a long-term solution that could potentially ensure a more stable protocol. According to the developer, the discovery of a bug in the newly launched AMM is evidence of the fragility of the protocol, emphasizing a lack of proper testing before launch.

WietseWind has stated the need for the development of a Canary Network to enhance and improve the AMM. He revealed that the Canary Network will have to be separate from the AMM, while also offering a native asset of some value so individuals can use it for real-life scenarios.

The developer has disclosed that the Canary Network would enable better testing with real value on a network that is not the mainnet. Additionally, it would be an inclusive network for the developers, projects, and everyone within the XRPL community.

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Token price recovers to $0.62 | Source: XRPUSDT on Tradingview.com

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