5 PR Trends For Blockchain Companies To Watch In 2024 – The Crypto Basic

5 PR Trends For Blockchain Companies To Watch In 2024 – The Crypto Basic

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Every year, new trends emerge that directly influence how businesses operate, develop products, and connect with their customers. For companies in the rapidly-growing blockchain and web3 industry, it’s particularly crucial to stay up to date with the latest PR (Public Relations) trends affecting your organization.

After all, PR strategies aren’t just essential for elevating and preserving your brand’s reputation. They also enable you to reach the right target audience, highlight the unique benefits you have to offer, and even educate consumers on the potential of blockchain technologies.

Whether you’re planning on seeking the assistance of a blockchain PR agency for the first time, or you’re working on developing your next campaign, monitoring the latest trends will ensure you have the tools you need to facilitate rapid growth. 

Let’s take a look at just some of the PR trends that will influence blockchain companies in 2024.

AI Becomes a Powerful PR Tool

While AI has influenced the marketing and promotional worlds for a while now, the technology has become increasingly powerful in recent years. The rise of generative AI solutions and more advanced machine learning algorithms offers excellent opportunities to blockchain brands. 

Today’s intelligent toolkits empower companies throughout the entire PR journey. You can use tools to gather and analyze data about your target audience and competitors, personalize campaigns for specific audience segments, and even track customer sentiment to protect your brand reputation.

What’s more, AI can help to significantly scale PR strategies, writing content and press releases on behalf of business leaders. You can use tools to transcribe interviews for content redistribution, and even to monitor trends in your industry. The key to success in 2024 will be knowing how to effectively balance AI innovation with human creativity and empathy.

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The Expense of Authentic Human Content

As we said above, it’s crucial for business leaders in the blockchain landscape (and other industries) to retain their human approach. While AI can help accelerate and guide PR campaigns, consumers often appreciate more authentic, relatable content.

This means that business leaders and their PR agencies will need to think carefully about how they can craft the right tone and image, going beyond traditional corporate messaging. Even if you do choose to use AI for content creation, it is important to add splashes of your own personality, demonstrating empathy, understanding, and even humor at times.

A humanized, authentic approach to public relations will be critical to building deeper, emotional relationships with customers. Companies should work hand-in-hand with experienced PR agencies to establish their unique brand personality, and go on to demonstrate it across all channels. 

Social Media Remains Essential

For years now, consumers have used social channels to learn more about products, brands, and services. For blockchain companies, targeting younger generations of digital natives, a strong social media presence will be essential.

For example, around 74% of Gen Z consumers use TikTok to learn more about brands. A strong social media strategy will ensure your business can deliver consistently valuable, relationship-building content directly to your target audience. 

Social media will give you the opportunity to answer common customer questions about blockchain, demonstrate the benefits of your offering, and build thought leadership. It also offers an exceptional opportunity to strengthen credibility through connections with market-leading influencers.

Additionally, social media will give business leaders an opportunity to rapidly respond to PR issues and crises, neutralizing negative publicity whenever it occurs.

Multi-Media Content Strategies Evolve

For some time, many companies investing in their PR have focused heavily on text-based content, such as press releases published by reputable publications. While this will still be crucial for blockchain companies in 2024, there will be a growing need for multimedia experiences. 

Podcast listenership, for instance, has increased significantly in recent years, as consumers look to learn more about innovative concepts on the move. Videos are also becoming increasingly effective at educating consumers about the intricacies of the blockchain world.

In-person events and conferences will continue their strong post-pandemic comeback this year, with tons of events already scheduled such as Paris Blockchain Week in April and Bitcoin 2024 in July. These give thought leaders in the industry the opportunity to connect with consumers in person, find new partners, and demonstrate their authority in their chosen niche.

Interactive content may be another particularly valuable strategy for blockchain companies, allowing them to both educate and entertain consumers with engaging content like quizzes, games, or interactive tools. 

Data-Driven PR Becomes Pivotal

Finally, the increasing use of technology and innovative marketing techniques in the PR landscape points to the growing importance of data. Companies in any industry can no longer afford to rely on intuition to understand what’s working for their business, or to anticipate new trends. 

At the beginning of every PR marketing campaign, business leaders will need to clearly define goals, and the metrics they need to monitor as part of their strategy. For instance, if the goal of a campaign is to raise awareness of a new product, it will be crucial to monitor impressions, website traffic, engagement, and social mentions. 

This data will provide business leaders with the insights they need to determine whether their campaigns are driving results. However, it can also deliver other benefits, like providing the information you need to train AI bots and tools to create more personalized content. 

Your data can also help to direct your future campaigns, showing you which key values you should demonstrate in your content, such as sustainability or innovation for example. 

The Future of PR in 2024

The marketing and public relations landscape will continue to change as people’s preferences and technologies evolve. Heading into 2024, we can expect to see a growing demand for blockchain companies and other brands to leverage data and technology in their marketing strategies.

However, at the same time, it will be crucial to create multi-media, engaging campaigns that speak to consumers on a human level. As you build your strategy for 2024, ensure you’re prepared to adapt to the changing technology in your environment, without losing your human essence. 

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