A Rollercoaster of Dips and Surges: Price Analysis for Bitcoin … – Analytics Insight

A Rollercoaster of Dips and Surges: Price Analysis for Bitcoin … – Analytics Insight

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The crypto market is filled with surprising highs and devastating lows, with an ever-changing ecosystem. A testament to this rollercoaster of dips and surges is the recent analysis of the prices of Bitcoin and Cosmos. The industry is also welcoming new players, and up next is Big Eyes Coin, a brand new DeFi memecoin that is inching closer to its launch, but not before handsomely rewarding its community one last time. Read on to know more!

Is the $100k Mark in Sight for Bitcoin?


The crypto sector as a whole has been a hot topic of discussion, and at the forefront is the pioneering cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (BTC). It was something of an innovation when it was launched back in 2008, but over time, especially after the pandemic, it gained mainstream popularity and now everyone is talking about it! Hopeful patrons of the coin had predicted the price to reach 6 figures: $100k, and given its current comeback, it looks like that might be possible.

Data by Bloomberg claims that if Bitcoin is on a steady four-month upward streak, it may lead to a huge surge in its price. The last time this happened, BTC experienced a total surge of 260% from the beginning of the decade. At its current standing of $30,000, it means that the highest point of surge might be $105k, already crossing the prestigious $100k mark.

Cosmos: A Playground for Blockchain Interoperation

Cosmos (ATOM) is an altcoin that supports a network of blockchains. The network boasts of smart contract functionality and a highly secure transaction system that is not interrupted by middlemen. Moreover, the network is driven to achieve a new standard in versatility, allowing users to use the network for all kinds of transactions.

The blockchain development firm, Dymension, has recently announced the launch of an EVM-compatible Layer 2 roll-up that will incorporate Cosmos. This could have an impact on the value of the network’s native token. As of now, it has shown a low-risk stance, according to InvestorsObservers, making it the ideal choice for investors that evaluate investment risks. It must be noted that the altcoin has dipped by 0.15% in the past 24 hours.

Big Eyes Coin Gears Up to Take Over the Market!

Have you heard? There is a new DeFi memecoin doing the rounds, and it’s a cat! Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is all set to launch and take over the market, but not before pulling out one last trick!

The adorable, sparkly-eyed kitty has run a presale like something the world hasn’t seen for a while. The kitty-cuddlers community has already raised an impressive $34.95 Million in just the presale, and the numbers only keep growing. It’s no surprise, really, considering their user-centric schemes that only have one motive: to give back to the community.

By that, we mean that BIG transactions are exempt from buying, selling and trading tax. The initial supply is locked in a liquidity pool for two years to guarantee a price surge, and 5% of this initial supply will go straight to a charity wallet that supports ocean sanctuaries. Financial gains that also do good for the planet? How nice!

But that’s not all. Big Eyes Coin also features Lootboxes, which are reward packages you can open to win something exciting that is ALWAYS worth more than what you paid. How often do you find projects with confirmed returns in the crypto industry? Only making gains, BIG is inching closer to their launch by the minute, and they have even announced June 3rd as the end date of their presale.

However, they’re giving their community one last chance to avail some of their irresistible rewards. For a limited time only, by using the code END300 while buying BIG or Lootboxes, you can win a bonus of up to 300%! You might want to hurry up on this one!

Big Eyes Coin

The Takeaway

The crypto market is nothing short of a rollercoaster, and the prices of both Cosmos and Bitcoin are a testament to this. Bitcoin may stay undefeated at the top of the market but is not immune to macroeconomic events and also those like the repression of the sector by law firms and regulatory bodies. This can be countered by innovative schemes that ensure loyalty from the community and perhaps reward them for the same. This is why Big Eyes Coin is the best bet for investors that are looking for big rewards and good returns. So join the kitty cuddlers community today and be a part of the next BIG thing in the market!

Find out more about Big Eyes Coin (BIG):

Presale: https://buy.bigeyes.space/

Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/big-eyes-lootbox-cards

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