Apple’s “Blockchain” Processing 285M Transactions Per Day? – Crypto Times

Apple’s “Blockchain” Processing 285M Transactions Per Day? – Crypto Times

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Did you know that Apple is processing nearly 285 million transactions everyday on its “blockchain” cum permissioned and verifiable data structure. The amount of transactions stated here surprisingly surpasses the “fastest” blockchain network in the crypto industry.

A DeFi persona, who goes by the pseudonym Joe (0xOsprey.eth), teasingly shared that Apple’s high throughput and permissioned blockchain is capable of processing nearly 285 million transactions while securing the encryption behind text messages on iMessage. 

ICYMI: @Apple launched a very high throughput, permissioned blockchain!

It is capable of ~285M txns/day and helps secure the encryption behind iMessage

For comparison, avg txns/day (past 30 days):
Solana (voting) ~350M
Solana (non-voting) ~30M
Ethereum ~1M


— Joe | 0xOsprey.eth (@0x_Osprey) November 6, 2023

Though jokingly, Joe discerned that Apple’s so called “blockchain” is way more outstriping than the Solana, which tends to be the current most efficient blockchain network into the crypto ecosystem. 

While comparing Apple’s data structure to a typical blockchain’s functionality, the “premium-tech giant” is much more advanced in processing data inputs. Although it could not be described as a blockchain network, it’s the closest application that blockchain intends to address. 

Is it actually or am I missing something?

I guess it comes down to unit of measurement (txns vs data bandwidth), but the article only states 2B “txns” per week, so ~286M/day

Solana voting alone does ~347M/day and another ~28M/day in non-voting transactions per these queries:…

— Joe | 0xOsprey.eth (@0x_Osprey) October 31, 2023

As there is not any solid announcement from Apple regarding the use of blockchain technology into its infrastructure, it has already built the solution for desirable outcomes. Will the company launch a flagship blockchain in near time though?

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