Bitcoin (BTC) Ordinals Rush Increases As Sparklo (SPRK … – Crypto Reporter

Bitcoin (BTC) Ordinals Rush Increases As Sparklo (SPRK … – Crypto Reporter

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Sparklo (SPRK) is a solution to a problem that has worried gold and silver traders for a long time. The precious metals industry has always had to worry about finding enough liquidity to settle trades. Unfortunately, most platforms have been very limited in this respect. Thankfully, Sparklo (SPRK) is launching a trading platform above these issues.

Elsewhere in the crypto industry, Bitcoin Ordinals continue to hit new milestones as the Web 3 community can’t seem to get over having NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain. Ordinals have become so popular that Bitcoin (BTC)’s network activity in the past few weeks has increased to record levels.

Sparklo (SPRK) Gold Trading Platform To Offer Worldwide Access

Sparklo is an asset exchange that focuses on only 3 precious metals – gold, silver, and platinum. As we said earlier, Sparklo is not affected by liquidity issues like traditional gold trading exchanges. Why? Because unlike many gold trading exchanges, Sparklo can be accessed worldwide, meaning you can always find willing traders on the platform.

Sparklo allows bullion traders to participate in any market, not minding their physical location.

Another interesting aspect of Sparklo’s exchange is the ability to quote prices from traders anywhere in the world. Unlike traditional gold trading platforms, Sparklo would have enough price competition thanks to the ability to reach bullion markets worldwide.

Of course, Sparklo puts extra effort into guaranteeing the safety of its users. For example, the network uses high-end KYC policies that are designed to stop fraudulent practices. Furthermore, it prioritizes the privacy of its users, and all trades in the public order book will have aliases instead of the real names of Sparklo’s clients.

Sparklo’s asset offering is something the bullion industry is missing. For this reason, Sparklo is expected to become a blue-chip project. Its current price is $0.017, but only for now. We believe now is the best time to join Sparklo because it’s still cheap. Moreover, new investors can get a 30% bonus that lasts from now till May 5th.


Bitcoin (BTC) Ordinals Next Major Step for NFT

The NFT industry recently had a big boost when NFTs were finally added to the Bitcoin (BTC) network. Even though NFTs have existed for several years, they were never on the Bitcoin (BTC) network until January 21st, when the Bitcoin (BTC) Ordinals protocol was launched. Since the launch of Bitcoin (BTC) ordinals, the number of minted Bitcoin (BTC) NFTs has surpassed 2.5 million.

Adding NFTs to Bitcoin (BTC) will increase global adoption of NFTs and Bitcoin’s blockchain as well. Of course, the rush for Bitcoin (BTC) ordinals is being felt on-chain. In the final week of April, Bitcoin (BTC) daily transactions soared to 336,000, a level comparable only to December 2016, and it indicates that the number of people using Bitcoin (BTC)’s network was growing. Most Bitcoin (BTC) NFTs are still quite limited – many of them are text only, but they are expected to improve as time goes on.

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