Crypto Price Predictions Post Bitcoin Halving Major Bull Run Expected To $500,000

As the date for the upcoming Bitcoin halving on April 19th draws near, excitement is building among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Key figures in the industry, like Bitwise CEO Hunter Horsley, are discussing the potential impact this event might have on Bitcoin’s price, with Horsley foreseeing a significant increase.

The April 2024 Bitcoin halving may be the most impactful we’ve seen. Why?

The last Bitcoin halving, 2020, Bitcoin was at ~$9,000. So the supply reduction in $ terms was ~$9M a day, and ~$3B a year.

This halving with Bitcoin ~$70,000, it will be >3x greater in $ terms: ~$32M a…

— Hunter Horsley (@HHorsley) March 29, 2024

Comparing this halving to the one in 2020, Horsley notes a massive difference in Bitcoin’s value. In 2020, it was around $9,000, but now it’s hovering near $70,000. This means that cutting down on the creation of new Bitcoins will likely have a bigger effect this time around. Other experts agree, suggesting that this halving could push Bitcoin to new record highs.

Why Scarcity Matters

The big idea behind all the excitement is simple economics: when something becomes rarer, its value tends to go up. By cutting the rewards for Bitcoin miners in half, the halving reduces the number of new Bitcoins entering the market. Combine this with more big investors getting into Bitcoin, like the recent approval of the Bitwise Bitcoin ETF (BITB), and you have a situation where demand might outstrip supply, pushing prices up.

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But, it’s not all clear skies. Decisions by the Federal Reserve about interest rates could affect how people feel about cryptocurrencies in general. Also, some Bitcoin miners might find it hard to keep going with reduced profits, and there’s always the worry about big Bitcoin holders/whales manipulating the market.

Clear Signs of Strength

One key factor for growth is the recent surge in Bitcoin’s hash rate, which indicates the computing power dedicated to securing the network. This all-time high suggests a more robust and secure network, potentially attracting further investment.

Furthermore, as recently highlighted by Bloomberg, the possibility of a Bitcoin ETF approval by a major investment firm could act as a catalyst for institutional adoption. This, coupled with the current stable interest rate environment, which might favor riskier assets like Bitcoin, could create a perfect storm for a price surge.

However, the upcoming launch of Bitwise’s own Spot Ethereum ETF raises an interesting question. Will this diversification option offered by a significant player dampen Bitcoin’s market dominance?

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Predicting the Future

Looking back, Bitcoin has usually seen price jumps after halving events. However, no one can say for sure what will happen this time. Some experts think the price will keep going up, while others predict a period of stability after an initial surge.

As we approach April 19th, all eyes are on Bitcoin. This halving could be a game-changer for the cryptocurrency world, emphasizing Bitcoin’s core principles of scarcity and immutability.

Whether it leads to the huge price jump that Hunter Horsley suggests, we’ll have to wait and see.

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