Bitcoin scams targeting elderly victims once again. – WBRC

Bitcoin scams targeting elderly victims once again. – WBRC

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – As we’ve told you before, thieves keep coming up with ways to try and steal your money.

Now, a warning about bitcoin scams.

They can start with pop ads on your computer and can cost you thousands of dollars if you fall for them.

Hoover police said their victims were targeted with pop up ads on their computer whereas the BBB said their victims were targeted by scammers pretending to be the BBB.

Sadly, both lost money.

Garet Smitherman with the BBB is working on a case right now where the scammer claims to be a rep from the BBB, called retired federal employees, and told them about new benefits for their federal credit union account.

“The gentleman who was an elderly gentleman, ended up going to the local credit union over a dozen times withdrawing cash with hyper explicit instructions to provide to the teller on why they are withdrawing this money,” Smitherman said.

That’s how well thought out these scams are.

“In the end, after he withdrew the money, he would go to a gas station and deposit it into bitcoin atm, the second that’s done, the money is gone,” Smitherman said.

Similar to the Hoover PD case, after receiving the pop-up ads victims were instructed to call a number and connect with someone posing to be a rep from their bank.

The BBB said they continue to see the same themes reel people in.

“You are either going to miss out on this opportunity,” Smitherman said. “That’s sort of an exciting thing, that sounds like a great deal, but the other side is that there is trouble and if you don’t do this the trouble will grow bigger.”

The BBB said if you aren’t sure it’s real, ask for additional information, a printed contract outlining their offer or hang up and call that company directly.

“Don’t Google the customer service number Google the company, go to their website, know that you’re on their website so that you know you are calling the right number,” Smitherman said.

These instances were reported to the police and the BBB but unfortunately these people still lost their money because the suspects are probably overseas.

Hoover PD and the BBB want the public to learn more and alert family members and friends of these scams.

More information can be found HERE.

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