Bitkub Chain Updates Sights on Thailand’s Blockchain Leadership – Bangkok Post

Bitkub Chain Updates Sights on Thailand’s Blockchain Leadership – Bangkok Post

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Bitkub Chain unveils crucial updates on its journey to becoming “The Leading Foundation of the National Blockchain Ecosystem in Thailand” during the 3rd BKCDM.

PUBLISHED : 9 Nov 2023 at 15:13

Bitkub Chain Updates Sights on Thailand's Blockchain Leadership

Bitkub Blockchain Technology Company Limited, the creator and operator of Bitkub Chain, Thailand’s renowned blockchain network and provider of comprehensive Blockchain Solutions, has shared a variety of accomplishments achieved in 2023. Furthermore, the company has provided updates on its ongoing platform development to assist developers interested in venturing into the WEB3 landscape. A vital component of this update is the unveiling of an ambitious ecosystem development plan set for 2024, aligning with the goal of establishing itself as “The Leading Foundation of the National Blockchain Ecosystem in Thailand” at the 3rd Bitkub Chain Developer Meet-Up (BKCDM).

The BKCDM is an event that brings together blockchain developers and project owners within the Blockchain Ecosystem to share previously undisclosed information. This allows developers to prepare for the implementation of new features and the continued expansion of their projects. The third iteration of this event introduced four key areas of development.

Mr. Passakorn Pannok, Chief Executive Officer of Bitkub Blockchain Technology, highlighted the successes of 2023 and outlined the next steps for Bitkub Chain. He stated, “Last year, Bitkub Chain transitioned from Proof-Of-Stake-Authority (POSA) to Proof-Of-Stake (POS). Currently, there are over 14.2 million KUB tokens staked through the Bitkub Chain POS Staking Platform. Within just two months of opening staking, total transactions exceeded 414 million, marking a 60% increase. The company also introduced KUB coin for trading on seven prominent digital asset trading platforms, making KUB accessible to interested parties worldwide. Furthermore, we revealed important information about various platforms and our future plans.”

Here are the key updates provided at the event:

Bitkub NEXT: Details of Bitkub NEXT 2.0, set to launch in November. The update not only enhances the user experience but also consolidates functions and dApps within the ecosystem for easier access. It also supports NFT-1155, a feature few digital wallets currently offer, and introduces NEXT Credit to access various ecosystem platforms.

Bitkub NFT: Activation of Bitkub NFT 2.0 on November 8, 2023, with a focus on improving user experience and introducing a mobile version for comprehensive NFT searching. It also includes a fun feature called Gashapon Rolling.

Bitkub Metaverse: An update on the activation schedule for the Bitkub Metaverse Mobile Version, launching in December 2023, and the opening of Dungeons and Mini Games in March 2024.

KUB Listing: Expansion plans for the Bitkub Chain network to increase access to KUB coins on a global scale, including listings on additional digital asset trading centres later this year.

New Development Goals: Announcement of Bitkub Chain’s new goals, aspiring to become “The Leading Foundation of the National Blockchain Ecosystem in Thailand,” serving as a hub for blockchain connectivity within and beyond the country.

Roadmap 2024: A preview of the Bitkub Chain Roadmap 2024 development plan, scheduled for public release on December 27, 2023.

Ms. Niorn Kiatdamrong, Chief Operating Officer of Bitkub Blockchain Technology, introduced a new initiative, BKC Developer Pitch, aimed at attracting developers to Bitkub Chain. This program seeks top projects to strengthen the Bitkub Chain ecosystem through monthly Pitching Days starting in December 2023. Existing project owners from other chains and developers working on new or partially completed projects can apply for special privileges and various forms of support, including digital coin prizes of up to 1 million baht per project, subject to the discretion of the committee.

Mr. Samret Wajanasathian, Chief Technology Officer of Bitkub Blockchain Technology, shared the forthcoming innovations supporting the development of projects within the Bitkub Chain ecosystem in 2024. These include tools, digital token standards, SDKs, APIs, a Top-Up Bitkub NEXT Credit system, chain migration enhancements, Smart Contract Templates, and the introduction of the KAP-22 digital token standard.

Mr. Atthawut Witeetham, a team member from XRB Galaxy, revealed highly anticipated details about Dungeons and a new area in the Bitkub Metaverse, including a new storyline, new housing, concessions, and unique items for players to collect for crafting new weapons.

The event featured a Developer Experience Sharing session where project owners shared insights. Panellists included Mr. Chatchawan Suriyayanyong, CEO of ABX Company Limited and developer of Taodum NFT Project; Mr. Phonkrit Inthasara, technology expert and developer of Translucia and LL Chain; Mr. Kosit Khumsap, Co-Founder and CEO of Tripster and; and Mr. Banthuan Krainunsingh, Founder of Jaothui Company Limited.

Attendees also enjoyed activities and special prizes courtesy of Bitkub Chain, along with food and drinks. The Jaothui project added to the festivities by offering attendees a taste of special Thai buffalo meat.

Stay updated on Bitkub Chain’s progress in developing the blockchain by Thai talent to become one of the world’s leading blockchains through the following channels:



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