Blockchain CEO Foresees $9T Crypto Marketc – Crypto Times

Blockchain CEO Foresees $9T Crypto Marketc – Crypto Times

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Peter Smith, The CEO of, predicted that the crypto market capitalization will exceed gold within 5 years. Smith’s predictions are based on his extensive experience in the crypto industry. 

Smith considers it small compared to global financial markets and the gold market. He emphasizes the circulating market cap as an accurate measure of the market’s size, which is smaller. According to Smith, the crypto financial ecosystem may take another decade to reach its full potential.

Smith identifies the necessity for increased currency and better marketing to achieve significant scale and overcome the industry’s reputation. He reflects on the industry’s history, marked by significant failures often caused by greed

Smith is optimistic but acknowledges that full integration is yet to be seen. He believes the successful performance of institutional products will lead to widespread adoption. Smith predicts a $9 trillion market cap for cryptocurrencies in the next 5 years but notes the U.S. markets need clearer regulations. He remains hopeful for more positive frameworks and highlights the role of political dynamics in shaping the industry’s future.

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