Blockchain gaming industry is now unstoppable – The Coin Republic

Blockchain gaming industry is now unstoppable – The Coin Republic

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Blockchain gaming industry has attracted more than 1.5 million gamers across the globe by the end of 2021. Notably, the daily trading volume on these gaming platforms have risen by as high as a billion dollars. However, till date, the industry was booming with the introduction of some simple 2D worlds based around turn-based mechanics. The games always focused on earning potential rather than fast paced gameplay. But now things have begun to change, as the ecosystem now has its first blockchain-based FPS shooter game that offers AAA graphics.

Epic War brings the Free-Play-to-Earn shooter game

For the first time the blockchain gaming ecosystem is witnessing a first-person shooter game with AAA graphics. Notably, Epic War is the firm who rolled out the game and says that it is just a part of the envisaged universe. The Epic Games universe will expand to include a series of comic books and films.

Gamers across the world can now take part in battle royales where they must contend with other gamers as well as hostile NPC creatures on a treacherous planet. The game also includes team battles featuring up to 16 players in a single session.

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Players are allowed to create new in-game characters, weapons, gears, battle maps, and purchase NFT items using the Epic War (EWAR), the native cryptocurrency of the platform. EWAR also acts as the governance token giving holders the decision making privileges of the future of the project.

Winners and losers will all earn

Playing Epic War all winners and losers will get an opportunity to earn unique NFTs after every session. Each of the collectibles represent in-game items like weapons, gears, and maps. Such artifacts would be traded, rtented, or sold to other players for making some passive gains. Moreover, these are also dispensed upon the completion of challenging in-game quests.

Benefits offered from various blockchains

Multiple blockchain gaming ecosystems will play host to the first of its kind game. According to Epic War, such blockchains will include Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Near in an effort to offer players the maximum number of benefits offered up by various networks.

There is a long paved path for the game now to grow, as it has some incredible milestones to achieve now. The long term goals of the game also includes the integration of VR support and building out an expansive metaverse world where players can interact with the game in a virtual 3D ecosystem.

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