Flag Digital Integrates Flag Blockchain with thirdweb for Seamless Web3 Development – CoinTrust

Flag Digital Integrates Flag Blockchain with thirdweb for Seamless Web3 Development – CoinTrust

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Flag Digital, a pioneering web3 technology company, proudly announces the integration of its flagship product, the Flag Blockchain, with thirdweb, a comprehensive web3 development platform. This strategic collaboration brings together the high-performance capabilities of the Flag Blockchain and the versatile toolkit offered by thirdweb, enhancing the landscape for web3 developers.

Flag Blockchain: Elevating Smart-Contract Platforms

The Flag Blockchain, recognized for its high performance, scalability, and security, stands as a customizable smart-contract platform that delivers unparalleled programmability for blockchain developers. EVM compatibility and adherence to ERC20 standards make the Flag Blockchain easily deployable and interoperable across various EVM-compatible chains.

thirdweb: A Catalyst for Web3 Development

thirdweb, a web3 development toolkit, serves over 70,000 developers, facilitating user onboarding with wallets, smart contract development and deployment, fiat acceptance through payments, and app scalability with infrastructure support. Offering a robust Solidity SDK, a library of pre-built and audited contracts, a streamlined deployment process, and a production-grade server, thirdweb empowers developers to navigate the complexities of web3 development seamlessly.

Troy Nihart, President of Flag Digital, expressed excitement about the integration, stating that partnering with thirdweb aligns with their vision of empowering developers and businesses with web3 technology. He emphasized that this integration enhances user options, flexibility, and convenience when building web3 applications on the Flag Blockchain.

Synergizing Flag Blockchain and thirdweb for Web3 Development Excellence

By integrating the Flag Blockchain with thirdweb, Flag Digital opens up new possibilities for developers. They can now seamlessly leverage thirdweb’s tools to deploy and manage smart contracts on the Flag Blockchain. Additionally, developers gain access to the Flag Wallet, the native wallet of the Flag Blockchain, and the Flag Coin, the native coin facilitating gas transactions and peer-to-peer interactions.

Jake Loo, Co-Founder / CTO of thirdweb, expressed pride in powering the Flag Blockchain, highlighting that thirdweb’s full-stack web3 development platform seamlessly integrates with every EVM chain. The mission is to drive increased activity and user engagement across the entire web3 ecosystem.

Conclusion: A Unified Vision for Web3 Advancements

In conclusion, the collaboration between Flag Digital and thirdweb signifies a significant step toward advancing web3 development capabilities. The integration of their respective flagship products opens up avenues for developers to create cutting-edge web3 applications effortlessly. This alliance exemplifies a unified vision to propel the web3 ecosystem forward, fostering innovation and accessibility for developers and businesses alike.


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