Greenherald International School Champions Blockchain Integration – CoinTrust

Greenherald International School Champions Blockchain Integration – CoinTrust

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In March 2023, the Greenherald Alumni Network (GH Alumni) officially formed under the endorsement of SFX Greenherald International School (Green Herald) in accordance with Bangladeshi laws. Sister Virginia Asha Gomes RNDM, the Principal of the school, assumed the role of chief patron, while Ronald Cruz, a senior teacher, took on the position of chief mentor.

Leadership and Objectives

Sonia Bashir Kabir serves as the founding President of the Alumni Network, with Barrister Mahin M Rahman assuming the role of secretary-general. Spearheaded by Sonia Bashir Kabir and the 15-member founding Cabinet, the initiative sees Greenherald partnering with Digiland, a Bangladeshi blockchain startup specializing in certificate verification.

Blockchain Integration for Certificate Verification

Greenherald has embraced blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity of certificates. Through Digiland’s blockchain solution, a secure and tamper-proof digital record is created for each certificate. This innovation aims to streamline the verification process, enhancing trust and efficiency. Certificates will be digitally recorded on the blockchain, accessible via QR codes.

Efficiency and Accessibility

The integration of Digiland’s blockchain platform into Greenherald’s certification process promises swift verification of credentials, subsequently reducing administrative costs. Graduating students will receive tamper-proof digital certificates, providing accessibility anytime, anywhere.

Commitment to Technological Advancement

Sonia Bashir Kabir expresses enthusiasm regarding Greenherald’s pioneering move to integrate blockchain technology. She emphasizes the commitment of GH Alumni to empower Greenherald with cutting-edge technology, highlighting the potential for educational institutions to enhance efficiency and effectiveness through rapid adoption of Ed Tech solutions.

Support for School Advancement

Secretary-General Mahin echoes the sentiment of pride, emphasizing the significance of blockchain technology for current and former students, as well as the school administration. GH Alumni pledges unwavering support to facilitate school improvement across all domains.

Conclusion: A Leap Towards Technological Advancement

The establishment of GH Alumni and its collaboration with Digiland underscores Greenherald International School’s commitment to technological innovation. Through the integration of blockchain technology, Greenherald aims to set a precedent in Bangladesh’s educational landscape, ensuring the authenticity and accessibility of academic credentials while advancing efficiency and trust within its administration.


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