How is the Government of Colombia planning to utilize Ripple’s XRPL Blockchain? – The Coin Republic

How is the Government of Colombia planning to utilize Ripple’s XRPL Blockchain? – The Coin Republic

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Government of Colombia

Colombian government is looking up to blockchain technology utilities while deploying XRPL blockchain 

Not just companies across the industries regardless of their business model be it product or service based, even Governments across the world and government ministries or offices can also look up to take advantage of cutting edge blockchain technology. Given the feasibility and technological advancements that blockchain technology provides to even the traditional as well as nascent businesses, its wide adoption and acceptance is quite apparent. 

The most recent instance of deploying blockchain tech came from Colombia. There is going to be the first ever National Land Registry in Colombia, that will be on XRPL Blockchain. The plan involves deploying the solution to implement for the National Land Agency of Colombia based on XRP stamp will allow crypto assets to get registered on XRPL blockchain; they could also be verified with QR Code, for authenticity.

The announcement regarding the same came from Spanish software development firm Peersyst Technology that was working with Ripple for more than a year. It is expected that more than 100K arbitration would get registered in a short while that will guarantee trust of Columbians in the process. 

Peersyst technology and Ripple have been partners for long now where utilizing XRPL blockchain is one of the instances. Their bond can be clearly visible on its official website where Peersyst has expressed its connection with Ripple. Further it also stated in a Tweet about the renewed association with Ripple for the upcoming years as a trusted blockchain firm that brings tech alongside.

CTO of Ripple payment protocol, Joel Katz shared release of an XRP Ledger API server dubbed as Clio 1.0, that has its aim towards bringing enhancements in scalability making XRPL data more accessible. Recently released XRP Ledger API server is expected to bring improvements in results for API requests, storage overhead and reducing the memory usage along with allowing more easy horizontal scaling. 

As per several reports, XRP has recently reached the milestone of attaining the largest number in terms of daily unique addresses that are connected to the network during the last couple of years. Since February 2020, it was for the first time when the number of active addresses on XRP blockchain has crossed 200K daily active addresses. 

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