InfiniGods and Arbitrum Forge Path for Blockchain Gaming Evolution – CoinTrust

InfiniGods and Arbitrum Forge Path for Blockchain Gaming Evolution – CoinTrust

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InfiniGods, a prominent player in the Web3 mobile gaming arena, has joined forces with Arbitrum to integrate blockchain technology into its flagship game, King of Destiny. This collaboration aims to elevate the gaming experience by introducing innovative features such as invisible wallets, high-speed transactions, and a dynamic mobile marketplace.

Unveiling King of Destiny

King of Destiny, categorized as a “Luck-Battle” game, draws inspiration from popular titles like CoinMaster and MonopolyGo. Players immerse themselves in a journey of luck-testing endeavors, where they conquer civilizations, erect mythical cities, and confront legendary monsters in pursuit of fame, fortune, and glory.

InfiniGods: Pioneers in Web3 Mobile Gaming

Established in 2021, InfiniGods emerged with a mission to democratize Web3 Mobile Gaming. Founded by Damon Gura and Owen O’Donoghue, veterans in the gaming industry with prior experience at DGN Games and Meta, InfiniGods has secured $16 million in equity funding and currently operates with a team of 15 professionals.

Blockchain Integration: Enhancing King of Destiny

The integration of Arbitrum into King of Destiny introduces several blockchain features. Players earn Fate, an exclusive in-game currency, through gameplay and competitions. Fate can be stored in Piggy Banks, digital collectibles tradable on the marketplace. Additionally, Fate enables players to acquire rare Avatars, enhancing the game’s narrative and fostering deeper engagement.

Scaling King of Destiny with Arbitrum

Arbitrum’s network and community are poised to propel King of Destiny to a global audience. With its low transaction costs, rapid transaction speeds, and vibrant community, Arbitrum provides an ideal environment for the game’s expansion. Furthermore, Arbitrum facilitates seamless and trust-based transactions between players, ensuring transparent and secure gameplay experiences.

Showcasing the Future at GDC

InfiniGods unveiled the Arbitrum integration at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, showcasing the potential of Web3 mobile gaming. The live demo underscored the transformative impact of blockchain technology on traditional gaming experiences.

Arbitrum: Empowering Decentralization

Arbitrum One, Offchain Labs’ Ethereum Layer-2 scaling solution, offers swift, cost-effective transactions with Ethereum-level security. With over 2,000 DeFi and NFT projects live, Arbitrum One prioritizes decentralized finance and digital ownership. The partnership with InfiniGods exemplifies the gaming industry’s increasing adoption of blockchain technology.

Empowering Players with Ownership

The integration of blockchain into King of Destiny revolutionizes free-to-play mobile gaming, allowing players to own and monetize in-game assets and currencies. Arbitrum validates these transactions, ensuring transparency and seamlessness in player interactions.

Seamless Transactions, Invisible Technology

InfiniGods believes in minimizing friction and maximizing player experience, a philosophy perfectly aligned with Arbitrum’s offerings. With transaction costs on Arbitrum typically below $0.005, InfiniGods absorbs these expenses, providing players with a seamless, invisible blockchain experience.

Looking Ahead with Excitement

InfiniGods eagerly anticipates leveraging Arbitrum’s thriving ecosystem to accelerate user acquisition and adoption. Collaborating with top teams and games within the Arbitrum network promises to extend the reach of Web3 Mobile Gaming to a global audience.

Forward Steps in Gaming Evolution

The partnership between InfiniGods and Arbitrum signifies a monumental stride in integrating blockchain into the gaming industry. Players of King of Destiny can anticipate an enriched gaming experience, characterized by smooth transactions, unique digital assets, and ownership privileges. With Arbitrum’s support, InfiniGods is poised to lead the charge in bringing Web3 Mobile Gaming to the forefront of global gaming culture.


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