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  • Internet Computer has pivoted into the AI space
  • CEO Dominic William just displayed a smart contract AI demo on blockchain
  • The ICP AI venture is in its early stages, more updates to come

Internet Computer (ICP) CEO and Chief Scientist Dominic Williams took to X to showcase a demonstration of the parent company, DFinity’s latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) innovation.

DFinity’s AI In Building Phase

According to Williams’ post, ICP has introduced the first blockchain-based AI smart contract. He described the new product as “a demonstration of AI running *on* blockchain as a smart contract.” 

“The Internet Computer is used – the world’s first 3rd gen. blockchain #ICP. AI will become the beating heart of our web3, multi-chain world, and this is only my first demo,” the ICP boss added.

Markedly, the Internet Computer AI is a part of the protocol’s mission to develop a system where powerful Large Language Models (LLMs) run as smart contracts on the ICP. Also, it is expected that this mission is achieved in such a way that it is tamperproof, unstoppable, and optionally autonomous. Cognition Labs’s Devin is almost similar to the Internet Computer AI model, only that the former is focused on training other LLMs.

For ICP, codes are currently unavailable but will soon be. The Internet Computer AI runs on DFINITY’s ICP testnet, but at the same time, developers would be allowed to transfer the code to the public network where it would run. In the foreseeable future, the NNS is expected to boost the per-transaction instruction limit. 

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A world first: a demonstration of AI running *on* blockchain as a smart contract 🧠⚡️

The Internet Computer is used – the world’s first 3rd gen. blockchain #ICP. AI will become the beating heart of our web3, multi-chain world, and this is only my first demo.

Code will follow…

— dom.icp ∞ (@dominic_w) March 21, 2024

As Williams noted, some other features are yet to be fully implemented on the Internet Computer AI. 

Internet Computer AI to Access SIMD Data

Despite the demo showcase, more work lies in waiting for the Internet Computer smart contract AI model, a trend similar to other Artificial Intelligence models like Google Gemini. Optimization for the inference engine being utilized for the smart contract AI is yet to be completed. Once all these changes are implemented, the next demo is bound to promote details of an updated ICP AI including greater efficiency, faster speed, and lower gas or cycles. 

Moving forward, ICP plans to request that the smart contracts get access to Single Instruction, Multiple Data (SIMD) instructions. The team strongly believes that this would improve the speed and efficiency of the system. The launch of Internet Computer AI may push the firm into transitioning from a 32-bit environment to a 64-bit, thereby increasing the memory limits of the smart contracts. 

Ultimately, ICP AI showcases the widespread adoption of Artificial Intelligence across several sectors as well as its successful integration with blockchain. It even transcends blockchain to sports, health, security, education, and many industries.

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