Jaspreet Bindra Champions Blockchain: Revolutionizing Workspaces and Startups – BNN Breaking

Jaspreet Bindra Champions Blockchain: Revolutionizing Workspaces and Startups – BNN Breaking

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At ThoughtWorks Live 2018 in Bengaluru, Jaspreet Bindra, ex-Microsoft executive and digital transformation expert, shares his insights on the transformative power of Blockchain technology. Bindra, now an independent consultant and senior advisor to both ThoughtWorks and the Mahindra Group, discusses his journey from leading Microsoft’s consumer products division to pioneering digital transformation initiatives at Mahindra. His current focus is on leveraging Blockchain to innovate the future of workspaces alongside investing in and advising Blockchain startups.

Embracing Blockchain for Future Workspaces

Bindra’s latest venture aims to redefine traditional work environments using Blockchain technology. With a vision of decentralizing work processes, he believes that Blockchain’s inherent properties align perfectly with the evolving demands of future workspaces. This initiative, still in the experimental phase, promises to introduce groundbreaking tools and products designed to facilitate a more flexible and efficient workplace.

Investing in Blockchain Startups

While Bindra has shifted his investment focus towards his own ventures, he remains passionate about supporting Blockchain startups. His investment philosophy centers on backing small teams engaged in deep tech, particularly non-crypto Blockchain projects. Among his notable investments is Elemential Labs, a Mumbai-based Blockchain startup that has recently attracted significant funding. Bindra’s commitment to the sector underscores his belief in Blockchain’s potential to disrupt and innovate across industries.

Advising on Dual Base Strategy for Indian Startups

Bindra advocates for Indian startups to adopt a dual base strategy, maintaining operations in India while establishing a presence in global tech hubs. This approach, he argues, is crucial for accessing broader markets and overcoming domestic challenges that hinder startup growth. By leveraging India’s talent pool and positioning themselves strategically on the global stage, Indian startups can better compete and succeed in the deep tech sector.

As we reflect on Jaspreet Bindra’s journey and insights, it’s clear that his commitment to Blockchain technology and digital transformation is shaping the future of work and startup culture. His advocacy for a dual base strategy and investments in Blockchain startups not only highlight the challenges faced by Indian entrepreneurs but also offer a roadmap for achieving global competitiveness and innovation.


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