Let’s Talk About Blockchain. I’m an academic and I work on… | by … – Medium

Let’s Talk About Blockchain. I’m an academic and I work on… | by … – Medium

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I’m an academic and I work on Blockchain. Actually, I have a lot of thought because my research area and expertise is database design and management. So, if we see the blockchain as a database, I can talk about blockchain a little bit. But I prefer to listen, mostly. When I see the people who have been in this area for a long time, I think that Blockchain is the second most crucial technology after rocket science! I wanna say some details, primarily academic, but people don’t want to listen to the basics of the technology!

Almost everybody in this area wants to earn money! They want to find the next skyscraper cryptocurrency or create it themself. Blockchain, the technology of this world, is not essential to many.

I was using Medium very time ago. Why I turn back here, I don’t know. But I’m here! I just think about it. Preparing a new academic article and publishing are not very easy and rapid. So, maybe I can tell my truths, my opinions, and maybe the real blockchain here! I’ll try, so, I mean, I hope so.

See ya!


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