Protocol Village: Optimism-Based DEX Velodrome Deploys to Bitcoin L2 BOB – CoinDesk

Protocol Village: Optimism-Based DEX Velodrome Deploys to Bitcoin L2 BOB – CoinDesk

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April 4: Velodrome, an AMM-based decentralized exchange on Optimism, officially announced their second major deployment onto the BOB (Build on Bitcoin) network, a Bitcoin layer-2 network with EVM compatibility. According to the BOB team: “The Superchain is a network of interoperable layer-2 chains that will share bridging, governance, upgrades, a communication layer and more, all built on and powered by the OP Stack. Velodrome will be the primary MetaDEX of the Superchain. The MetaDEX acts as the liquidity and volume hub, and this integration seamlessly unlocks BTC DeFi and fosters innovation for all Bitcoin use cases through EVM contract deployments.”

Reddit Data Dao Launches Atop Vana, Decentralized Network for User-Owned Datasets

April 4: The team behind Vana, a decentralized network for user-owned datasets and models, notes that Reddit Data DAO has launched atop the network. According to the team: “It is a community-owned data treasury where users can join with their Reddit account and receive governance rights based on how much data they contribute. Users can then vote to sell their data to other AI companies or vote to delete it if Reddit agrees to pay them directly. The DAO demonstrates the power of user-owned data, the potential for user-owned foundation models, and the sorts of applications Vana is making possible.”

Drife, Peer-to-Peer Ride-Hailing Platform, Goes on SUI Blockchain

April 4: Drife, a Web3 decentralized ride-hailing platform that uses blockchain technology to create a peer-to-peer network for drivers and riders, is migrating to the Sui blockchain. According to the team: “This is the first decentralized mobility infrastructure platform to integrate on Sui. The Drife platform offers a zero-commission fee structure which allows drivers to earn more income and pass on the benefits to riders in the form of savings. Sui is the optimal blockchain platform for Drife as it offers low network fees, reduced transaction costs, and enhanced overall affordability for users.” According to the project’s documentation, it was built on Polygon.

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