Royal Gemstones’ €5 Million Portfolio To Embrace Blockchain Tokenization – Benzinga

Royal Gemstones’ €5 Million Portfolio To Embrace Blockchain Tokenization – Benzinga

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The Natural Gem, a leading figure in gemstone trading, has chosen the eCredits Blockchain to tokenize its €5 million Royal Portfolio.

This development is in conjunction with The People’s SCE, a decentralized governing organization (DGO) that facilitates applications on the eCredits Blockchain.

The initiative will introduce the Habsburg Gemstone Token, in collaboration with Habsburg Fine Arts.

This token is fully backed by genuine, untreated-colored gemstones and will be accessible via the eCredits Wallet, the company stated in a press release shared with Benzinga.

The integration of gemstones with blockchain technology is expected to be a topic of discussion at Benzinga’s Future of Digital Assets conference on Nov. 14, where industry leaders will explore the convergence of traditional assets with modern digital platforms.

Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen, the Director of Habsburg Fine Arts, emphasized the significance of this integration, remarking, “By merging the world’s oldest tangible asset with one of the most modern investment instruments, we bring the gemstone onto the blockchain and into the 21st century, thus creating portfolio diversification with assured, continuous transparency, and flexibility.”

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The Royal Portfolio of The Natural Gem boasts exquisite pieces, include emerald necklaces valued at €274,000, ruby necklaces worth €815,000, and a Kashmir sapphire priced at €1 million.

The portfolio also contains an array of other valuable gemstones.

The Royal Portfolio undergoes regular appraisals by court experts.

As its value appreciates, its EUR sale price increases, while the Habsburg Gemstone Token (GEM) price remains stable.

Bernhard Blaha, CEO of The People’s SCE, expressed his optimism about the partnership, stating, “Through the power of blockchain technology and the eCredits Ecosystem, we aim to democratize gemstone investments and make this lucrative market accessible to any investor, regardless of their wealth.”

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