The Weekend Shift: DeFi, Trading Bots, Bitcoin City – Protos

The Weekend Shift: DeFi, Trading Bots, Bitcoin City – Protos

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Welcome to the 116th Weekend Shift!

What’s the deal? Over the weekend, we’ll update this post with some of the most interesting articles, podcasts, charts, and opinion pieces we’re too busy to write about.

OK, only crypto? Not necessarily. We do that Monday to Friday, so we try to explore new subjects on weekends.

Feel free to join in and submit entries on Twitter. Any topic is fair game.

4 hours ago

So, Consensus happened.

4 hours ago

As I walked into Consensus I was handed two pieces of paper. A meme coin wallet (feel free to steal the seed phrase), and an invitation to an event headlined by BitBoy

— Bennett Tomlin (@BennettTomlin) April 27, 2023


4 hours ago

Intermediaries for investment contracts are required to comply with securities laws & register with @SECGov.

Instead, many crypto platforms are contending that their investment contracts are something else.

The law cares about what something actually is, not what you call it.

— Gary Gensler (@GaryGensler) April 27, 2023

4 hours ago


4 hours ago

4 hours ago

Spain without the P.

4 hours ago

The UK government is seeking views on modifying the tax treatment of DeFi lending and staking. The use of cryptoassets in DeFi transactions would no longer be treated as giving rise to a disposal for tax purposes. Instead, a tax disposal would arise when the cryptoassets are…

— Wu Blockchain (@WuBlockchain) April 27, 2023

This week.

4 hours ago

When Vincent van Gogh started painting he didn’t use bright colours — so what changed?

It’s a story about the importance of what we consume and the people we spend time with…

— The Cultural Tutor (@culturaltutor) April 26, 2023

4 hours ago

Someone at a publication asked me about Bitcoin City. I was like “thats not a thing,” and she showed me some 3D render Bukele regime press photo and I’m like ???

— Daniel Alvarenga (@puchicadanny) April 28, 2023

4 hours ago


4 hours ago

I talk a lot about wash trading on Binance. Here’s a great visual to help you see what their market makers do to fake demand for worthless tokens.

The reason we could see it on the chart is because Binance HALTED trading on FTX, but left their own market-making bots running 😂

— Cory Klippsten 🖐️ 🦢 #Bitcoin (@coryklippsten) April 26, 2023

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