Blockchain Brief: Chiliz (CHZ)

Blockchain Brief: Chiliz (CHZ)

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Chiliz is the most popular sports and entertainment token in the world, and now it’s available in the Wallet and Exchange.

If you’re not familiar with CHZ, this week’s Blockchain Brief will give you an inside look into this unique token and its interesting use cases.

What is CHZ?

  • Chiliz is the blockchain that powers the Socios fan engagement platform, the Chiliz exchange, and the CHZ token.
  • ​​CHZ is the native token of the Chiliz platform that allows fans to purchase NFTs and gain voting rights for their favorite sports teams.
  • Every team partnered with Chiliz gets to decide the initial sales price of their unique Fan Tokens and what token holders will be able to vote on for the team.

Use cases of CHZ

  • Trading fan tokens. CHZ is used to purchase fan tokens on the Socios marketplace, connecting fans to their favorite teams through NFTs and voting rights.
  • Unit of account. The CHZ coin powers the Chiliz token economy and platform.
  • Chiliz campus currency. Chiliz has their own physical location in Malta, where members utilize the CHZ token to pay for all sorts of services.

Why CHZ is getting attention

  • Engagement. The Chiliz platform is allowing fans to interact and engage with their favorite sports (and e-sports) teams in new ways, creating a fan-to-team economy.
  • Stability. Not surprisingly, sports fans love their teams, even in a bear market. This has meant that CHZ has been fairly stable even during recent dips.
  • Fan Tokens. Each Chiliz fan token is unique to a specific team and provides access to memorabilia like limited edition jerseys or meet and greet experiences with the team.

Interested in CHZ? You can now buy, sell, swap, and earn up to 5% in rewards (for eligible users) on it in the Wallet.

Get started now.

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