Crypto Airdrops and NFTs

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MetaWise Partners with BULLZ Creator Marketplace To Make … – Digital Journal (1/24/2023) by admin

Singapore, 24 January 2023: BULLZ, the leading platform for web3 content creators and influencers, has announced a partnership with web3 marketing agency, MetaWise. The marketing partnership will provide MetaWise with the MarTech tooling to connect clients with the wide-reaching (30m+)
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Mason Ho, One Huge Wave, and the Floatiest Airdrop at the Eddie – (1/24/2023) by admin

Senior Editor Staff  The Eddie Aikau Invitational is over. The event that never runs finally ran. The Bay called the day, and it called it with authority. It was mind-bogglingly big. It was big enough to plant a seed
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Will There Be an Arbitrum Airdrop? Here’s How to Get Ready – CoinCodex (1/24/2023) by admin

Arbitrum is currently the most popular layer 2 scalability solution for Ethereum. The platform, which is underpinned by optimistic rollups, has a TVL (total value locked) of $2.7 billion and a market share of roughly 50% among all Ethereum layer
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Big Eyes Coin, Shiba Inu, Solana: Cryptocurrency in 2023 market | Mint – Mint (1/24/2023) by admin

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Sewer Pass Fever Pitch: BAYC Nets $20 Million, Blocks Zero … – nft now (1/20/2023) by admin

Yuga Labs The Alpha: On January 19, Yuga Labs launched Dookey Dash, an interactive minting experience playable until February 6.Users must have a Sewer Pass in their crypto wallet to play the game. These passes were initially airdropped to BAYC
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Here’s an Exclusive Look at Porsche’s NFT Pricing, Utility, and More – nft now (1/20/2023) by admin

NFTs let budget-conscious fans of high-end brands get their hands on what was once unattainable — affordable luxury goods. It sounds like an oxymoron, but a host of innovative companies have found ways to make luxury items more accessible thanks
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Don’t Miss Out On ‘Bitgert Mass Airdrop’ Today – How You Can … – Analytics Insight (1/20/2023) by admin

The crypto industry is one of the few stock markets where participants can make huge returns within a short time. Imagine getting airdropped tokens worth thousands of dollars just for free. This is what you get from the Bitgert (BRISE)
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The Cosmos (ATOM) Short-Term Price Prediction Is Bearish – BeInCrypto (1/20/2023) by admin

A descending resistance line rejected the Cosmos (ATOM) price on Jan. 16. It is likely still mired in a corrective structure. Prism v2 will be a sovereign blockchain created using the Cosmos SDK. It is a Layer-1 blockchain specializing in
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Scam Alert: FXS Fake Airdrop Launched as Token Gains 60% in Week – U.Today (1/20/2023) by admin

Vladislav SopovScammers decided to explore hype over Frax Finance’s reserve token FXS that surprisingly rallied in recent weeks Contents Scammers impersonating Frax Finance (FRAX) team are trying to steal your dataFrax Share (FXS) token gains 150% in three weeksYet another
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GMX Generates More Fees than BNB Smart Chain and Bitcoin – Geeks World Wide (1/19/2023) by admin

GMX Generates More Fees than BNB Smart Chain and Bitcoin Originally posted here. By: Dalmas Ngetich Overview GMX, the perpetual trading decentralized exchange (DEX) allowing up to 50X leverage, now generates more trading fees than the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) and
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