Big Eyes Coin And Avalanche Are Two Cryptocurrencies To Have … – NewsWatch

Big Eyes Coin And Avalanche Are Two Cryptocurrencies To Have … – NewsWatch

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As the end of 2022 draws near, most crypto enthusiasts will begin to draw an evaluation of the year, and for many, it was not a great year for people in crypto. However, several people hold high hopes for 2023 and expect to find some tokens they could begin holding from this moment. Cryptocurrencies have proved over the years that they can be enriching forms of investments despite their high volatility and risk. The risks and volatilities prevailed this year, and enthusiasts can only look forward to more promising price trends for the future.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) and Avalanche (AVAX) are two cryptocurrencies to watch towards 2023 as they can make you some money. Big Eyes Coin is a meme coin and will inherit the reputation that meme coins are incredible profit gainers. And its milestones on presale are quite impressive, raising over $11 million in a market swept by the bear rally. Big Eyes Coin is primed to be the biggest meme coin in the crypto landscape by 2023, and it would be exciting to watch, especially for early buyers.

Avalanche (AVAX) has been a top altcoin since it emerged; however, this year, the crypto asset took a massive hit. Considering that the fundamentals of AVAX are still intact, crypto enthusiasts believe this token will regain all lost value by the time the market regains some strength.

Avalanche: An Adequate Alternative To Ethereum

Avalanche is a highly efficient blockchain network looking to provide solutions to existing scalability issues in the landscape. The network was created majorly as an alternative to the Ethereum network. And considering that these scalability issues do not exhibit themselves except in the bull market when market activity is high, it makes sense that AVAX has struggled to grow back after taking the hit from the LUNA crash earlier this year.

However, we are poised to see more growth on the network as emerging projects contribute to the demand for alternative networks to Ethereum. Avalanche, for its features, will be a very decent point of contact to onboard newbies into the crypto landscape and other blockchain features.

One of Avalanche’s biggest platforms, Trader Joe, is looking to expand its offerings to other networks like Arbitrium, another scaling solution but on the Ethereum network. Arbitrium has also generated significant hype over the last few months, especially following rumors of a token and an airdrop coming. The network has experienced high activity due to users trying to register activity on the layer-2 blockchain to be eligible for future airdrops.

This will allow Avalanche to become a broadly recognized platform, help grow both networks, and entice developers to build on the AVAX chain.

Big Eyes Coin: A Meme Coin On The Up

Big Eyes Coin is a new meme coin project that has amassed enormous hype over the last several months. This hype has resulted in increasing community numbers and, of course, increasing presale activity. In the first week of the Big Eyes Coin presale, the project raised over $1 million in what became one of the most exciting events in the market for a while.

Big Eyes Coin has raised over $11 million after about seven presale rounds. Being able to round up funds in a bear market is a sign of strength and a particular sign that most crypto enthusiasts are willing to bet on.

Big Eyes Coin is building some interesting narratives around cat memes, and one can expect it to sell, as dog memes have been overused such that emerging projects do not often succeed with the mascot anymore. Big Eyes Coin is looking to make cat memes the new meta for the landscape, and it has been a success.

Big Eyes Coin’s presale is still one of the most exciting events this year, and you can use the code BIGG3570 for a bonus on your purchase.

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