Boss Beauties Hacked On OpenSea, And The Thief Is Still Winning –

Boss Beauties Hacked On OpenSea, And The Thief Is Still Winning –

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The Boss Beauties official Discord server has been hacked and the thief is selling the NFTs on OpenSea. In fact, the hacker is selling the majority of these NFTs at 0.4 ETH, far below the 0.55 ETH floor price. Unfortunately, it will now be challenging for most legitimate holders to get their Boss Beauties NFTs back.

Powerful images of women in the Boss Beauties collection
The popular NFT project Boss Beauties has suffered a hack via Discord. Credits: Boss Beauties

How did the Boss Beauties get hacked?

It appears that Boss Beauties was hacked through a fake airdrop. What’s more, the thief managed to gain control of the admin and banned all of the moderators on the Discord server.

The hacker posted a link and the promise of a ‘free airdrop’ for Boss Beauties owners. Unfortunately, quite a few people fell for the scam and have lost their NFTs to the fraud. The people who buy these NFTs will also find that their NFTs have a lower price and are unable to sell them, once OpenSea realises the sales were fraudulent.

In a tweet to their 73 thousand followers, Boss Beauties issued a statement this afternoon.

They said, “Thank you very much for your patience this morning. We are aware of a fake airdrop that was part of a cyber criminal’s attempt to compromise our Discord & community. We have removed all traces of the criminal and will keep everyone continually updated throughout the day.”

What can OpenSea do to prevent hackers from selling NFTs?

Well, the answer is very little at the moment. However, OpenSea was still allowing the NFT thief to sell his stolen goods long after the scam was underway. One user, @punk9059, said, “This Boss Beauties hack happened over an hour ago. We all figured it out, but OpenSea hasn’t.”

OpenSea currently has a retroactive approach to NFT hacks. Many in the community would also like to see a more proactive policy at OpenSea. Perhaps, in this case, if there was a system in place to recognise multiple sales at below floor prices, it could have saved these NFTs.

Although the technology is improving, Boss Beauties is the latest of many NFT projects to suffer this type of NFT hack via Discord.

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