Brand New PondDeX Distributes Airdrop To Users For Every Swap – Crypto Times

Brand New PondDeX Distributes Airdrop To Users For Every Swap – Crypto Times

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With a lot of excitement, a new decentralized exchange called PondDex launched on September 1, which has something unique to offer its users.

PondDex has a native cryptocurrency called Pond Coin, but here’s the catch: it offers users airdrops from every swap, along with access to all major blockchain networks. 

This reward is directly distributed from the fees collected by participants during the swap, making it the first DeX that shares transaction fees with its users.

Additionally, PondDex attempts to challenge top-notch DeX Uniswap by providing multi-chain smart routing. Its inclusiveness allows users to interact with more than 20 blockchain networks, 22 decentralized exchanges, and 9 bridges.

PonDex allows users to set a maximum slippage and a time limit on transactions so that it reverts if it’s delayed more than the time limit set by the user.

According to the PondDex website, liquidity is aggregated across decentralized exchanges, bridges, and chains into the PondDex interface. Fees from swaps are then pooled and distributed as rewards to active participants.

The newly launched PondDex native token, Pond Coin, saw its price surge by 80% in just 24 hours after launch, reaching $0.0000027. However, it could not maintain this level and is currently trading around $0.0000022.

A growing number of decentralized exchange platforms with unique features and reward systems are rapidly outperforming centralized platforms. As The Crypto Times reported before, DEX Uniswap beat Coinbase in spot trading volume during Q2 2023.



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