Did you eligible for $ZERO COIN Airdrop? | by RodriguezChainDegen | Mar, 2024 – Medium

Did you eligible for $ZERO COIN Airdrop? | by RodriguezChainDegen | Mar, 2024 – Medium

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$ZERO COIN Airdrop

Zerolend recently announced an intriguing airdrop chance for liquidity providers on its lending platform. This guide details how to earn points via the airdrop. Participants can get complimentary tokens by supplying liquidity to select pools on Zerolend. The more funds contributed, the more airdrop points earned. It’s a great way for liquidity providers to profit from Zerolend’s innovative lending platform and receive bonus tokens on top. This straightforward guide explains the easy steps to begin earning airdrop rewards now.


Here are the key facts about the airdrop:

LEND tokens will be awarded to SOL, mSOL, USDC, USDT, BTC liquidity providers

Liquidity providers earn LEND relative to their share of the pools

Supplying liquidity before the snapshots optimizes your airdrop allocation

The airdrop rewards loyal liquidity providers on multiple currency pools

Snapshot schedule is critical — add liquidity before deadlines to qualify for the airdrop

Follow Zerolend’s updates for the latest details on participating the LEND airdrop


Signing up for the $ZERO airdrop only takes a few straightforward steps:

Access the Zerolend airdrop website and hit “Claim Airdrop”

Link an active crypto wallet — empty wallets won’t work

Verify your participation in your wallet

You’ll move to the private airdrop page

Confirm receipt of tokens in your wallet

Coins instantly distribute to your wallet — you’re finished!

Tips for Optimizing Crypto Airdrops

To get the most out of airdrops:

Actively contribute in crypto communities

Stay updated on new projects and opportunities

Ensure you follow all regulations

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