$DOP Airdrop: Qualify for $DOP Step-by-Step Guide | by LauraOptimismWinner | Mar, 2024 – Medium

$DOP Airdrop: Qualify for $DOP Step-by-Step Guide | by LauraOptimismWinner | Mar, 2024 – Medium

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$DOP Airdrop

The decentralized protocol is crafted to empower developers and users in crypto space. It allows anyone to maintain information about their financial affairs confidential — whether it’s their Ethereum balance, the NFTs they own, or the transactions they make. Through this protocol, users can control the amount of information that’s publicly available. Instead of disclosing the value of investments, you can simply showcase the icons of each token in your portfolio. Alternatively, those looking to establish credibility can verify their holdings exceeding a certain threshold — such as 1 ET.


Data Ownership Protocol aims to redefine paradigms by enabling user-owned data, empowering users to selectively disclose their on-chain activities. Leveraging zk-SNARKs and ECDSA, they empower users to precisely curate the information they wish to share regarding their asset holdings and transactions, all while ensuring seamless interoperability with the dApps and liquidity.

$DOP Airdrop STEP-BY-STEP Guide

Eligible participants, you can receive amounts $2500.

connect here your WALLET
  • Claim your $DOP

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According to our $DOP price prediction, $DOP is forecasted to trade within a price range of $ 3.08 and $ 4.67 next year. Data ownership protocol will increase by 29.54% and reach $ 4.67 if it reaches the higher value target for 2024

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