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Spread the love, a leading name in the Ethereum restaking protocol landscape, has unveiled its much-anticipated governance token, ETHFI. The launch comes with a strategic airdrop set to kick off on March 18, marking a milestone for the platform.’s move to adjust token allocations in response to feedback, particularly regarding Justin Sun’s allocation, highlights its commitment to community engagement.

Initially, the protocol planned to distribute 1 billion ETHFI tokens, with an initial circulation of 115.2 million. The allocation strategy underwent revision following community pushback over the substantial number of tokens earmarked for TRON founder Justin Sun. Sun’s allocation drew attention after a large deposit, sparking debate within the community.’s response was swift, promising adjustments to ensure a fairer distribution among its members.

Innovative Airdrop Mechanics

The airdrop encompasses two phases, rewarding various user actions such as holding eETH, referrals, and participation in the early adopter program. The strategy introduces a waiting period for larger holders, aiming to balance the distribution dynamics. This approach demonstrates’s dedication to equitable treatment within its ecosystem.’s airdrop announcement and subsequent adjustment of token allocations underscore its responsiveness to community input and its innovative approach to governance token distribution. This development sets a precedent for community-driven decision-making in the DeFi space.

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