Ethereum Growth: Check Out The Top 7 Upcoming L2s – Blockzeit

Ethereum Growth: Check Out The Top 7 Upcoming L2s – Blockzeit

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Ethereum has come a long way in terms of the development of its ecosystem. From mainnet to layer 1s, L2s, and now L3s, the network is growing at an accelerated pace. Are you looking to take your Ethereum experience to the next level? 

Keep your eyes on these 6 test net L2s that are poised to revolutionize the ecosystem!

1. Base

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Coinbase recently introduced Base, an optimistic-style L2 roll-up built on the Optimism OP Stack, with plans for main net release later this year. With over 110M users, Coinbase is poised to make this L2 a major web3 gateway!

Because it is built on Optimism, Base will be a secure and low-cost network. The test net launched on February 23, 2023, and the main net is planned to take place sometime this year.

Coinbase expressly stated they “have no plans to issue a new network token.” So airdrop hunters can steer clear of this one.

2. Fuel

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L2 Fuel Network

Fuel network is an L2 by Fuel Labs that aims to be the fastest execution layer for the modular blockchain stack. The Modular Execution Layer (MEL) refers to a flexible and adaptable framework designed to support the development of blockchain networks. 

With MEL, developers can create customizable modules that can be easily integrated into existing blockchain systems, making it easier to build and scale decentralized applications. 

This UTXO-based L2 is built on three central pillars: parallel transaction execution, the FuelVM, and user-friendly dev UX via the Sway programming language. 

Therefore, Fuel Network delivers the highest flexible throughput and security among L2 networks.

Testnet Airdrop: The developers have not denied nor confirmed the possibility of there being a test net airdrop. Airdrop farmers are welcome to test out this powerful network.

3. Linea

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ConsenSys recently launched a public test net of its zkEVM, now renamed ‘Linea’. Linea aims to power a new generation of decentralized apps built on Ethereum and will be natively integrated with the MetaMask wallet., Truffle toolkit, Hyperledger Infura, and Hyperledger Besu.

Linea will rock low fees in order to unlock user engagement, and will also be compatible with all existing popular DeFi infrastructure. It will also enjoy the security of Ethereum’s 500K+ validators.

Infura guarantees 99.99% uptime while Besu guarantees optimal execution for zkEVM transactions. Linea will be used for everything including DeFi, NFTs, payments, Infrastructure, and even Gaming and Metaverse.

Testnet Airdrop: There is no known airdrop for testing out Linea Network. However, Consensys may yet surprise the masses since they previously handed out NFTs for the Merge, and for the Ethereum Shanghai upgrade. These may be used as qualifiers for a potential airdrop.

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zk Scroll

Scroll is a zkEVM that consists of 3 main infra components: the Scroll Node, the Roller Network, and Rollup/ Bridge Contracts. With Scroll, devs will be able to execute native EVM bytecode in an L2 environment while maintaining strong security guarantees.

Scroll Network is currently in the third phase of its test net development. The development roadmap has 6 phases in total. The next phases include the zkEVM Mainnet launch, the launch of a decentralized Prover Network, and the launch of Decentralized Sequencers.

Testnet Airdrop: You can test out the Scroll network on the Goerli Testnet which went live on February 27, 2023. 

5. Taiko

Taiko is another in-development zkEVM that aims to eventually support all EVM opcodes in its L2 architecture. This would make the L2 essentially indistinguishable from Ethereum wrt to UX! (Type 1 zkEVM). 

image 162
Type 1-4 zkEVM

As L2 networks move away from being a Type 1 ZkEVM, they sacrifice Ethereum compatibility for increased prover performance. What this means is that a Type 4 zkEVM, for instance, would be exceedingly cheap in terms of cost since due to increased prover performance, the cost of generating proofs reduces greatly. 

Generally, all Type 2+ zkEVMs focus on:

  • Changing gas costs for ZK-unfriendly operations
  • Changing the Keccak hash function to a more ZK-friendly one

Testnet Airdrop: Taiko Alpha-2 Testnet went live on mrch 22, 2023. Hurry and test their network, in case they have a potential airdrop planned in the future.

6. ModulusZK

image 160
Modulus ZK

Modulus is the first zkEVM powered by a DAO. It is a privacy-driven zkEVM made from and for decentralization. Modulus leverages the power of zero-knowledge technology to reduce complexity and cost while increasing privacy and decentralization. Secured by Ethereum.

The network will have faster transactions, lower costs, and more security. 

One of the most unique features of the Modulus chain is the ability to opt-in or out of private transactions with just the click of a button

About Cult DAO

image 161
Cult DAO

CULT DAO is a decentralized investment organization that is funding the next revolutionaries of crypto. The CULT DAO community has developed three projects already, CULT provides investment in decentralization, RVLT focused on rewarding community members, and TRG focused on providing gamified experiences through high-level game theory.

Testnet Airdrop: CULT does not have an airdrop. However, you can buy CULT from several DEXes and CEXes. CULT will be the official gas token of the Modulus chain and the fees will be burnt, reducing the supply of CULT and raising its price.


The level of building and growth in the blockchain industry is one of the highest in all of human industrialization history. In just 10 short years, Blockchain has moved from the Dark Web to the Senate. These networks represent a fraction of the new breed emerging from the rapid evolution of blockchain technology. Be sure to try them out.

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