Layer3 Airdrop Confirmed: Do all the 12 Easy Quest now! – – Bitcoin Price, Ethereum Price & Crypto News

Layer3 Airdrop Confirmed: Do all the 12 Easy Quest now! – – Bitcoin Price, Ethereum Price & Crypto News

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Dive into the world of Layer3, a groundbreaking interactive quest platform where learning about cryptocurrency becomes not just enlightening but thrillingly rewarding. With a vibrant community of over 800,000 explorers who have executed more than 27 million on-chain actions, Layer3 has established itself as the go-to destination for crypto enthusiasts aiming to deepen their knowledge while earning enticing rewards.

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Season of Rewards: A Treasure Trove Awaits

The latest season on Layer3 is buzzing with activity, offering an enticing array of rewards that include boosts, discounts, chests, experience, and gems. Yet, the allure of a secret reward at the season’s culmination adds an extra layer of excitement to the questing experience. In this season, the introduction of the $L3 token heralds a new era of rewards, with the unique opportunity to collect cubes acting as the key to unlocking these treasures.

Embark on a Quest for CUBEs

At the heart of Layer3’s reward system are CUBEs, a novel form of reward that participants can earn by engaging in various quests, polls, and quizzes. With a limited timeframe of 45 days, the race is on to collect these cubes, each task completed inching you closer to the coveted mark of 100 CUBEs. Achieving this milestone not only proves your mettle as a crypto explorer but also confirms your eligibility for the secret reward, potentially marking your entry into the exciting world of $L3 token ownership.

The Quest Begins: A Journey Across Networks

Layer3 has unveiled 12 official quests, each a gateway to earning cubes across different networks. These quests are meticulously designed to cater to both novices and veterans, ensuring that every participant finds a challenge that resonates with their skills and interests. From the introductory quest of CUBEs on various networks like Arbitrum, Polygon, and Optimism, to more nuanced adventures on networks such as Scroll, Celo, and Mode, each quest is a step towards mastering the crypto universe.

1st Quest: Intro to CUBEs

2nd Quest: Arbitrum Network – CUBEs on Arbitrum

3rd Quest: Polygon Network – CUBEs on Polygon

4th Quest: Optimism network – CUBEs on OP Mainnet

5th Quest: Scroll network – CUBEs on Scroll

6th Quest: Celo Network – CUBEs on Celo

7th Quest: Mode network – CUBEs on Mode


8th Quest: BNB Chain – CUBEs on BNB Chain


9th Quest: Zora network – CUBEs on Zora


10th Quest: Blast network – CUBEs on Blast


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11th Quest: zkSync Era Network – CUBEs on zkSync


12th Quest: Metis network – CUBEs on Metis

  • Go to Layer3 Quest
  • Make sure you are bridged to Metis (the network is available on Stargate)
  • Mint a Cube

As explorers traverse through these quests, they’ll encounter a variety of tasks that will challenge their understanding of crypto transactions, swaps, and bridging across networks. Each successful quest not only enriches their knowledge but also rewards them with a cube, symbolizing their achievement and bringing them one step closer to the ultimate reward.

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Maximize Your Rewards: Tips and Strategies

To truly maximize the rewards from this season, explorers are encouraged to mint CUBEs whenever possible, thereby enhancing their reward potential. The allure of the upcoming $L3 token adds an element of speculation and excitement, with the possibility of an airdrop for those who diligently collect their CUBEs.

Beyond the Quest: Building a Community

Layer3’s vision extends beyond individual quests. By inviting friends to join the adventure, users can earn free ETH for every quest their referrals complete, fostering a sense of community and shared success. This not only enhances the questing experience but also accelerates the collective exploration of the crypto landscape.


As the quest season progresses, each explorer’s journey through Layer3’s diverse quests becomes a testament to their dedication and curiosity in the realm of cryptocurrency. With the promise of rewards, the excitement of the $L3 token, and the camaraderie of a vibrant community, Layer3 stands as a beacon for those seeking to delve deeper into the crypto universe. Embark on this adventure, collect your CUBEs, and etch your name in the annals of crypto explorers.

As we await the final reveal of the secret reward and the potential launch of the $L3 token, the anticipation among Layer3’s community is palpable. This guide serves as your compass in the vast and exciting world of Layer3’s quests. May your journey be fruitful, your rewards plentiful, and your crypto knowledge ever-expanding.

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