Magic Craft announces Huge AirDrop on Coinmarketcap with – GlobeNewswire

Magic Craft announces Huge AirDrop on Coinmarketcap with – GlobeNewswire

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| Source: Magic Craft

Los Angeles, CA, March 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Magic Craft has launched a massive 5,666,666 MCRT airdrop in the run up to its much anticipated NFT marketplace launch. The MCRT tokens will be distributed equally to 20,000 selected winners.Participants will have to register between 27th February 12pm UTC and 12th March 12pm UTC on CoinMarketCap website. Winners of the Airdrop will receive their tokens directly in the BEP-20 Binance Smart Chain wallet address they provided during registrationon CoinMarketCap within 2 weeks after the end of the campaign.

The popularity and rapid adoption of blockchain games have resulted in a tremendous increase in the number of crypto games in the market. During the current crypto bull run, the value of some play to earn tokens has surged by up to tenfold in the last year. According to a recent industry survey, approximately 3.1 billion individuals play video games worldwide, accounting for around 40% of the global population. Gaming continues to develop year after year and has now surpassed both the music and film industries in terms of revenue. All of this creates the promise of a new world, a new economy, and new opportunities.

Magic Craft is a massive war and conquest multiplayer crypto game launched on Binance Smart Chain, with an advanced guild system, taxes, and economy. You team up with other players and build clans to fight other clans on the platform.

In the Magic Craft world, there are powerful castles built by the elders. Every week, your clan needs to show its valor and fight with other player’s clans to conquer and gain ownership of one of the 7 castles, where the King of the castle receives their taxation.

Each character has different traits, items, weapons, armor, spells, magic scrolls, clothes, attacks, and poses. You can collect these characters as you level up your game.

Emerge victorious among other clans, and then collect taxes in our native cryptocurrency known as $MCRT. You are free to trade these collectibles in the NFT marketplace as well in exchange for $MCRT

MagicCraft’s founder, James Crypto Guru, is a multifaceted industry veteran with an 18-year career in business and investing. A multi-millionaire who is semi-retired and has an unrivaled understanding of the cryptocurrency and stock markets. He’s a well-known YouTube analyst and instructor with a track record of correctly predicting Bitcoin prices on a daily basis.

MagicCraft gears up for an eventful 2022

The popularity of MCRT has surged, with a 1000 percent increase in price from the IDO price of $0.006. Despite its youth, MCRT has already outperformed some of the top-ten market cap tokens in terms of volume, making it one of the most popular Metaverse projects.

MagicCraft intends to give an innovative turn-based war universe as one of the forthcoming MMORPG games in the blockchain gaming world. Players can earn in-game tokens, acquire awards, and stake them by playing in either the PvE or PvP modes. ‘Castle Sieges’ is the focus of the game. Clans go to the battlefield every week, killing each other, stealing loot, conquering castles, and claiming the title of King. The spoils of war are awarded in the form of MCRT to the winners. Players fight alongside in-game characters known as Heroes, each of whom is given an NFT and comes with their own set of abilities and skills.

Items such as swords, armors, and spells, all of which are granted as NFTs, can be used to improve these Heroes. Owners of digital assets and players will be able to engage via NFT trades, and while owners will be able to hold objects as digital assets with a dynamic value, players will be able to utilize them to develop their characters, games, or even sell them for money on the marketplace. Additionally, Magic Craft’s NFT Marketplace provides a venue for digital asset collectors who want to buy and then rent out NFTs without ever playing the game.

Why is MagicCraft a portfolio multiplier?

MagicCraft as a game not only offers engrossing gameplay, but the native token $MCRT has also proven to be a great bet for investors. The community bought the entire lot of 300,000,000 tokens available for presale in $MCRT’s IDO in a stunning form, and the IDO presale of $MCRT was well inside time. The event was a huge success, with $MCRT selling out its Soft cap program for 2000 BNB in less than a day. Members of the community who missed out on the spectacular presale are trying to get their hands on the new token on Pancake-Swap, MEXC and Bitmart Exchange. The successful launch has prompted crypto fans to feel that $MCRT is more than just another metaverse project, but one with immense potential, value, and utility in the crypto ecosystem, with over a million interactions on Twitter and Telegram.

The crypto world has now officially recognised $MCRT as the next great thing in the GameFi industry, with $MCRT presently trading well above its presale value and its exponentially rising mainstream adoption. $MCRT is built on a global community of Gamers, Crypto aficionados, enthusiasts, and collaborators who are fueled by clear plans, features, and consumer involvement. $MCRT also wants to reward people that join the project and stick with it throughout the trip. giveaways, airdrops,free NFT minting and many more goodies will be among the benefits of being part of MagicCraft community.

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