Newbie PAPA Memecoin Airdrop Announcement Pumps Token by … – Crypto Times

Newbie PAPA Memecoin Airdrop Announcement Pumps Token by … – Crypto Times

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A new player in memecoin community, PAPA Coin, which claims to the father of memecoins has being trending for a minute now. Based on the already popular PEPE coin, PAPA has already pumped 110% in value. With the new Frog DeFi feature – Feeding PAPA – the Memecoin community is going to see an exclusive airdrop this week. 

🚀Airdrop Alert🚀 (1/3)
🎉 To thank our amazing early adopters, we’re launching an exclusive airdrop for the PAPA community with our awesome Frog-DeFi feature, Feeding PAPA! 🐸🌊

📸Snapshot Details📸
1⃣ First snapshot: At launch of Feeding PAPA, worth 40% of the total airdrop 🎁

— Papa Coin (@ThePapaCoin) May 1, 2023

Papa Coin is a new digital token that draws inspiration from the popular Pepe meme character and the community-driven nature of meme culture. In particular, its new feature called “Feeding PAPA” attracted the interest of Memecoin holders. With the help of the feeding feature, users can swap their old Memecoins for the latest PAPA Coins with an amazing bonus.

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Source: Geckoterminal 

PAPA Coin is available on DEX-Uniswap. PAPA coin is also in the limelight as its price has increased by more than 110% in the last 24 hours. This week, the PAPA coin price climbed nearly 270%. 

According to CoinGecko data, PAPA Coin is trading at $0.00000000375 with a trading volume of $3.76M. Bulls are aggressively trading, as the trading volume surged by more than 200% in the last 24-hours.

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