Potential Second Airdrop from Aptos — Raised More than $350M … – Medium

Potential Second Airdrop from Aptos — Raised More than $350M … – Medium

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Just now

Aptos ecosystem has set aside 51% of tokens for the community.

Aptos has only airdropped 3% of the tokens that were reserved for the community. There are still 480 million $APT tokens available for the community.

Source: https://aptosfoundation.org/currents/aptos-tokenomics-overview

Let’s Get into the Guide.,

1/ Add Martian Wallet to your Browser:

— Open: https://martianwallet.xyz/
— Add to your Browser
— Then Create your wallet

2/ Bridge Funds to Aptos:

— Open: https://theaptosbridge.com/bridge
— Connect Metamask and Martian wallet
— Bridge Funds

By using Aptos Bridge, which is built on LayerZero, we can get two Mangoes with one stone.

3/ Make Swaps and Add some Liquidity:

— Open: https://liquidswap.com/#/
— Connect Martian Wallet
— Make Swaps and Add some Liquidity

Aim to increase total swap volume more than $1k

4/ Do Lendings on Aptos Network:

— Open: https://app.ariesmarkets.xyz/lending

Deposit tAPT and Borrow APT.

5/ Buy/Sell NFTs on Aptos Network:

— Open: https://bluemove.net/

6/ Mint your Aptos Domain Name:

— Open: https://www.aptosnames.com/

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