‘Rough hilly terrain coerced airdrop of relief supplies’ – The Nation

‘Rough hilly terrain coerced airdrop of relief supplies’ – The Nation

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QUETTA – Balochistan government on Wednesday, justifying airdropping of relief items in flood-hit areas, said that due to no landing area and rough hilly terrain, relief packets were airdropped.

Balochistan government’s denial came after the video of airdropping of relief supplies that went viral on social media platforms.

“The helicopter has continuously been engaged in air operations for rescue activities since the beginning of the relief operation,” the statement said, adding that the operation remained continued even in the most adverse weather and conditions. Due to the lack of landing facilities and overflowing floodwaters, helicopters made several difficult landings on roads to reach victims in areas where land access was not possible.

About the viral video, it clarified that there was a difficult mountain pass where it was extremely dangerous to fly or land low, which could have destroyed the helicopter and killed its crew.

“Several attempts were made for landing but failing that it was decided to airdrop relief supplies to the victims at low speed and altitude,” said the statement.

The statement further said that Balochistan’s helicopter crews are among the best air crews in the country who are engaged in rescue operations day and night.

“Making videos and criticising while sitting at home is very easy but working in field is quite a different job.”

The statement said that baseless criticism will demoralise people engaged in relief operations.

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