Scam Alert: Don’t Click on “Biggest Airdrop” Website by OpenSea Impostors – U.Today

Scam Alert: Don’t Click on “Biggest Airdrop” Website by OpenSea Impostors – U.Today

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Vladislav Sopov

For the second time in a month, OpenSea’s audience of NFT enthusiasts is targeted by scam attack

OpenSea, the largest and most popular marketplace for non-fungible tokens, has witnessed its name being abused by scammers. Top-tier investors are receiving messages with invitations to the “biggest airdrop.”

No, OpenSea did not launch the “biggest airdrop”

The team of seasoned cryptocurrency investor CMS Holdings shared in its Twitter account a warning about a scam campaign underway. Someone is sending links for a fake OpenSea website from a mobile phone number registered in the U.S. state of Texas.

Idk what db got leaked but I’ve gotten no less than 50 scam texts like this today

— CanMarketSecurities (@cmsholdings) May 23, 2022

Scammers claim that the NFT majors organized the “biggest airdrop”; everyone can allegedly visit the airdrop page of an official OpenSea website.

However, this announcement is not confirmed by OpenSea; the announcement website is registered in the .co zone, while the official OpenSea website uses the international .com domain name.

Once visited, the fake website immediately tries to access the MetaMask wallets of visitors. However, it ia already flagged by Ethereum’s most popular noncustodial wallets.

OpenSea website impersonated by scammers
Image by Metamask

NFT scams on fire in Q2, 2022

As per the estimations of CMS Holdings, scammers are using phone numbers from leaked databases to send dozens of messages simultaneously. The Web3 expert from the tweet received 50 messages in a few hours.

As covered by U.Today previously, earlier this month, scammers hacked the main Discord server of OpenSea. They were spreading phishing links to alleged YouTube partnership announcements.

Also, they claimed that YouTube and OpenSea released a unique NFT drop with special “utilities” on a video hosting platform.

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