Taco’s loyalty program integrates Tezos NFTs on Shopify – FinanceFeeds

Taco’s loyalty program integrates Tezos NFTs on Shopify – FinanceFeeds

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Web3 automation platform Taco, which reward customers with branded tokens and NFTs, has integrated Tezos’ high-performance blockchain. The alliance will help unlock special access and benefits to non-fungible tokens affiliated with Tezos as they become available to Shopify users via Taco’s loyalty program.


Taco’s integration into Shopify enables brands deepen their connection with customers and increase retention through loyalty rewards, gamification and ownership. It also helps them leverage web3 to quickly launch engaging consumer experiences, such as games, membership tiers, reward points and referral programs that deepen connection.

In turn, Taco allows users to pick from their Shopify products list to quickly build the NFT utility that unlocks exclusive products, discounts and experiences. The platform takes care of deploying smart contracts, creating the NFT, notifying customers that they can claim their reward, airdropping without consumers paying gas fees.

Taco supports token gates on Ethereum, Polygon, Tezos, Solana, and Flow as a complete end-to-end Web3 automation solution for rewarding customer loyalty with NFTs.

“The Taco app’s recent integration of Tezos gives Shopify stores around the world a new way to engage with customers and plug into the rapidly growing Tezos NFT ecosystem. More and more brands are choosing to deploy their NFTs on Tezos due to its low gas fees and energy efficiency, creating a rich environment for innovation,” said Edward Adlard, Commercial Director at Trillitech.

Tezos has become one of the world’s most popular blockchains for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Thanks to its fast and cheap transactions, where many other blockchains struggle, Tezos seems to excel as a far greener alternative.

Of course, there are also scaling factors as Tezos focuses on security and array of upgradeable features that have garnered it a lot of interest throughout the years.

“We loved how easy it was to airdrop Tezos NFTs at the flograppling ADCC world championship; with Taco’s shopify integration, we were able to instantly add utility and reward members with exclusive giveaways and prizes. We did this all in record time without having to write any code,” added James McCombe, Director at Future Kimonos

Tezos is a highly-scalable platform that supports smart contract functionality and the development of decentralised applications (Dapps). It uses a variant of the proof-of-stake protocol which offers token holders the opportunity to delegate their assets to a validator and earn staking rewards.

Tezos also applies a governance model that automatically evolves and upgrades itself to ensure stability. Among blockchain projects, Tezos’s consensus mechanism is touted to be one of the most energy-efficient and technically sound platforms.

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