Top Solana Airdrops to Watch in April for Maximum Profits

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide are buzzing with excitement over crypto airdrops, where traders eagerly anticipate receiving free tokens distributed by burgeoning protocols. With various hunting methods employed to unearth promising airdrops, investors stand poised to reap the benefits of these token rewards.

Solana is the leading chain when it comes to crypto adoption in 2024. We are sure that the year will be filled with Solana airdrops. We have already witnessed the Jito $JTO airdrop, where $1 SOL would give you up to $17,000 in Jito Airdrop. April could be the ultimate month for Solana airdrops in 2024. 

In this exclusive report by Coinpedia, we delve into the realm of Solana airdrops, highlighting the top contenders poised to deliver substantial gains in April 2024!

Let us take a look at Solana-based projects that might potentially participate in Solana airdrops in 2024:

  • Meteora

With a tagline like “Make Solana Liquid Again”, Meteora stands as a beacon in the realm of liquid staking protocols. By prioritizing sustainable liquidity solutions, Meteora aims to transform Solana into the premier trading hub for mainstream crypto users, setting the stage for unparalleled growth.

  • Blazestake

Blazestake is a fully non-custodial stake pool protocol supported by the Solana Foundation. Users would potentially receive BlazeStake staked SOL (bSOL) tokens when they stake $SOL on BlazeStake, which can be worked with different dApps in the Solana ecosystem.

  • Sharky

Sharky is an NFT lending space that allows its users to borrow and lend NFTs and buy/hold Sharx NFTs. The reason for the airdrop could be the $SHARK token generation event. 

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  • Kamino finance

Kamino finance is a protocol that combines lending, liquidity, and leverage into a single product. The $KMNO token launch is the reason for the upcoming airdrop by the Solana ecosystem’s Kamino finance. 

  • Zeta Market

Zeta market is a DEX that offers the speed and user experience of a centralized exchange while giving full self-custody and transparency for users by working on a public blockchain network. $ZETA launch might trigger the upcoming airdrop by the platform!

  • Parcl

It is a Solana-based perpetual futures trading-focused DEX that supports cross-margin perpetual trading on real estate markets. $PRCL is scheduled to launch in April 2024 and will be huge!

  • Backpack

Backpack is the first known wallet for xNFTs, where users can swap tokens, trade NFTs, and message apps and connect them to Ledger. The airdrop will happen to promote the Backpack network. 

Ready to Unlock Wealth?

As April progresses, these upcoming airdrops have the potential to make investors a lot of money. With Solana’s airdrop opportunities abundant, we encourage you to take advantage and check out these game-changing projects.

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