WENCOIN Airdrop claim — Step-by-Step Guide | by KingBitOracle | Feb, 2024 – Medium

WENCOIN Airdrop claim — Step-by-Step Guide | by KingBitOracle | Feb, 2024 – Medium

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The Family coin was designed to celebrate and glorify Wen culture. Using tech from OvolsNFT, the creators tokenized @weremeow’s poem “A Love Letter to Wen Bros” into a trillion interchangeable tokens on Solana. Holding Wen tokens represents piecemeal ownership of Meow’s poem. This community coin memorializes an aspect of Wen culture while allowing The Family to trade poem pieces as normal crypto tokens.


The Wen token is distributing 70% of the total supply to pioneers and NFT holders through an airdrop. Jupiter users who traded over $5 before January 19th UTC or had automated orders filled are eligible to claim 643,652 WEN tokens. Other eligible groups include Ovols NFT holders, bluechip NFT holders, and Genesis Saga holders. This airdrop allows Wen to reward its community of founding members and NFT enthusiasts.

$WEN TOKEN Airdrop STEP-BY-STEP Instructions

Signing up for the $WEN airdrop only takes a few straightforward steps:

$WEN COIN Airdrop

Visit the WenCoin airdrop website and click “Claim Airdrop”

Link an live crypto wallet — unused wallets won’t work

Validate your participation in your wallet

You’ll redirect to the secret airdrop page

Acknowledge delivery of coins in your wallet

Tokens instantly distribute to your wallet — you’re done!

Guidelines for Boosting Crypto Airdrops

To get the most out of airdrops:

Consistently contribute in crypto communities

Keep updated on new projects and opportunities

Make sure you comply with all regulations

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