Wonderful Moments! 7140.Club Records The Most Miraculous Goal Of The Japanese Team In The World Cup – GlobeNewswire

Wonderful Moments! 7140.Club Records The Most Miraculous Goal Of The Japanese Team In The World Cup – GlobeNewswire

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| Source: 7140.Club

Singapore, Dec. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The writable dynamic NFT issued by 7140.Club allows any soccer sports fan to write world soccer events to the NFT and keep records in a decentralized way. There is no better moment in this World Cup than Japan’s goal with a 1.88mm limit.

Japan took on Spain in their FIFA World Cup group stage finale of Group E, the so-called “Group of Death.” Japan scored twice in the space of 4 minutes with a controversial goal. Kaoru Mitoma cut the ball back from the byline for Ao Tanaka to hit into the net in the 51st minute and the goal was allowed to stand after a VAR check. According to OPTA, Japan has won the match with only 17.7% possession. 

This goal moment has been successfully written into the Turf Plot NFT, and as one of the world’s best goal moments, the future market price of the plot is unimaginable.


In addition to this moment, there are 3 other great moments recording Japan’s win over Spain to advance to the last 16 of the World Cup. In 7140.Club, all NFT holders will receive an airdrop incentive of 7140 tokens when the real tournament data is written into each Turf Plot NFT, and the NFT as a data record will gain a higher market value and commemorative significance.




The plot number for the 1.88mm miracle goal recorded for Japan is (105,40). As one of the first plots to be written into the tournament data by 7140.Club, Turf Plot NFT (105,40) will receive a very high level of attention from the market.

Meanwhile 7140.Club’s first Turf Plot NFT mystery boxes were first released on December 3 at Nswap in a limited edition of 111. Priced at 0.0714 ETH, these Turf Plot NFTs will be randomly generated from two large penalty areas in the 7140 square meter virtual soccer field.

Turf Plot NFT is the plot NFT that exists in 7140 Fields. 7140 Fields is 7140 Club’s metaverse application based on real-time rendering engine. 7140 Fields’ plot NFT is based on the international standard soccer field 68*105 totaling 7140 square meters, i.e. each Turf Plot NFT represents the NFT of a cubic meter plot.

Turf Plot NFT allows users to record every real event that happened on the course in the past, present, and future, and to record, store, and incentivize the plot holder based on Proof of Data. Users who want to get extra high returns in 7140.Club should prioritize collecting plots that belong to areas with high frequency events.

Each Turf Plot NFT holder will also receive a number of ecological rights related to 7140.Club, including:

Basic Rights

– Proof of Data

– 1:1 REF NFT Airdrop

– 1:1 Avatar Airdrop

– 1:1 airdrop of exclusive Skybox metaverse space

– Looker Room VIP features

Additional Rights

– Enjoy corresponding discount for future Token issuance IDO/IEO

– Priority for purchasing future NFT assets

– Participate in NFT, Token pledge to get incentives

7140.Club is a comprehensive service platform dedicated to building a personal sports social metaverse. Based on the real-time rendering engine, users can experience a better immersive and interactive social experience on 7140, including event data recording and motivation, music scenes, personal event rooms, personal online metaverse, live theater and many other functions. At the same time, 7140.Club will also bring together many web3 fans and fans and enthusiasts of different sports events to bring users the best sensory experience of web3 sports events through its powerful rendering engine and interactive technology.

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