XT.COM Launches Airdrop Campaign to Aid Earthquake Victims – Fintech Finance

XT.COM Launches Airdrop Campaign to Aid Earthquake Victims – Fintech Finance

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XT.COM, the cryptocurrency exchange, is proud to announce the launch of its Turkey Airdrop Campaign, involving 1,100,000 Turkish Lira and various emergency supplies in response to the recent earthquake in Turkey. The purpose of the campaign is to provide support to those affected by the recent earthquake in Turkey. The earthquake has caused widespread damage and loss of life, and XT.COM is committed to providing support to those affected. Users in the disaster-stricken areas in Turkey who meet the airdrop requirements can each receive assistance worth 30 USDT in the form of XT tokens.

The campaign will run from February 23, 2023 to March 07, 2023 (UTC). Participants can earn rewards by completing three tasks, including registering for an XT account, completing the platform’s primary KYC, and filling out an application form. Upon completion of these tasks, participants will be able to receive 30 USD equivalent of XT coins.

XT.COM is also taking a hands-on approach to support the communities affected by the earthquake. The staff from the XT.COM Turkey office will be on the ground, providing life essentials such as water, food, flour, paper towel and other necessities. XT.COM is committed to making a real difference for those in need and is dedicated to supporting the communities affected by the earthquake in every way possible.

Cryptocurrency transfers are an effective and efficient way of delivering financial aid to disaster victims. They offer fast, low-cost, borderless, and transparent transactions, making it possible to reach those in need quickly.

Albin Warin, XT.COM CEO, said: “The recent earthquake in Turkey has had a devastating impact on so many people and communities. We hope that our efforts will bring some relief to those affected. Our team is doing everything possible to ensure that Turkish users and their families are safe and sound and are providing whatever assistance is required. At XT.COM, we stand by our users and we will continue to work on additional ways to help our community in Turkey. In these difficult times, XT.COM is committed to supporting those affected by the earthquake and is calling on the cryptocurrency industry to come together and offer support. Let’s work together to help the people of Turkey during this time of crisis.”

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