LumiShare Presales: A Success Story

LumiShare Presales: A Success Story

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When LumiShare management decided to push for presales, it was not easy. LumiShare is more than just a Web3 brand; it is a story of success based on struggle, commitment, emotion, and transparency. Although the FTX collapsed and the crypto market was in a state of panic, the LumiShare team remained confident in the project.

LumiShare began pre-sales on November 22, 2022. Management was planning to keep presales open until the end of the year. However, LumiShare received many requests from around the world to extend presales, so management decided to extend them. LumiShare received an overwhelming response in December 2022 despite the downturn in cryptos and bitcoin, which reached a low of $15,700.

Pre-sales for LumiShare concluded on 23rd January 2023. This presale was a great success. All of LumiShare’s targets were met, and the company raised 2.5X more than anticipated. This blog will also provide official presale numbers.

Pre-sale numbers

· The total amount raised in presales = $2.87M

· The company has attracted over 450 investors, many of whom are leaders in the cryptocurrency industry.

LumiShare management is extremely pleased and overwhelmed by the response received following the successful presales. The successful presales have now begun to produce results, and we are receiving many inquiries and requests from Web3 communities all over the world.

As a team of professionals and industry leaders, LumiShare is currently executing its 2023 plans. The co-founders and CEO are actively working toward LumiShare’s public sales and global adoption in 2023.

Ben Sharon, CEO of LumiShare, recently presented LumiShare to venture capitalists at the World Economic Forum.

Several teams within the LumiShare ecosystem are working on executing plans for 2023.

· The team of writers and social media handlers are currently working on the educational series LumiLearn.

· The development team is currently working on the public sales and asset-backed marketplace, which will be launched in the second quarter of 2023.

· The LumiShare co-founders are in discussions with several ecosystems for potential partnerships to increase LumiShare’s utility and attract a wider audience.

· LumiShare’s global ambassadors are working to spread the long-term benefits of LumiShare.

· Management is in discussions with several CEXs and is working on a plan to list on the public markets by the end of March 2023.

The LumiShare family is growing, and we are preparing to expand further. The team is pleased with presales and is currently working towards a successful public sale. As LumiShare is an enthusiastic Web3 family, the team is thrilled to contribute to the Web3 industry for the betterment of future generations.

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