Analyst Predicts This DeFi Meme Coin To Skyrocket, and It Is Not Pepe (PEPE) or Floki (FLOKI) | NewsBTC

Analyst Predicts This DeFi Meme Coin To Skyrocket, and It Is Not Pepe (PEPE) or Floki (FLOKI) | NewsBTC

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Pepe’s (PEPE) trajectory in 2023 where it surged by 7000% was a masterstroke for the meme coin market. Floki (FLOKI) has also followed this pattern, going higher since its launch in 2021. While these two meme coins are still in the uptrend, analysts are backing another meme coin to skyrocket this bull run. KangaMoon (KANG) is revolutionizing the meme coin application with a novel innovation that has made it one of the next meme coins to watch in the crypto market.

Analyst Predicts Massive Upswing For KangaMoon (KANG)

With Pepe and Floki having had their bullish time in the past, crypto analysts now have high hopes for KangaMoon as one of the top meme coins to invest in. The token is predicted to skyrocket in the bull market and even surpass the standard set by Pepe and Floki during their great days. The project combines an element of play to earn with the SocialFi model resulting in the establishment of an ecosystem built for meme lovers.

The team has already raised over $4M within a few weeks of presale which indicates the growing interest of investors. Similarly, the use of the KANG native token for transactions at the platform marketplace to purchase in-game assets has increased the interest of buyers. Not only are players playing for fun, but they are also earning substantial KANG tokens for their efforts.

At the last stage of the presale, KangaMoon has already given early buyers 291% returns. The platform is molded as a community-driven project where users have high stakes. Also, KangaMoon gives free KANG tokens to holders, earning them profits while still at the presale. However, to access that, users have to participate in community activities such as promoting the project on social media.

With its presale set to cross $5M in April, KangaMoon is showing early promise of a great token and could be one of the top meme coins to invest in right now. Tapping into the high pool of rewards available in the $200B worth NFT market, KangaMoon can skyrocket to $1 by the end of the bull market.

Pepe (PEPE) Rebounds, Set To Retest ATH

Pepe (PEPE) made a new all-time high record on March 14, 2024, after surging to $0.00001074 but eventually plummeted after the Bitcoin crash. After trading sideways for some time, Pepe coin has found support at the $0.0000080 level, allowing it to consolidate for more gains.

With a 7% decline in the last week, Pepe buyers are gradually losing grip of the market to the sellers. Meanwhile,  as the token matches to the next resistance level of $0.000009, a consolidation at this threshold may be the catalyst for Pepe’s price to retest the previous ATH.

Floki (FLOKI) Tilting Towards the Bear Market

An increase in whale activities has helped Floki (FLOKI) in the past weeks, moving by almost 230% on the monthly price chart. With the market capitalization dropping to $2B, Floki’s price has declined by 10% in the past week, indicating that the sellers are beginning to threaten.

In the past day, Floki key indicators have been down with the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) in decline. With the token showing a less volatile value of 21%, Floki coin has a slim chance of making a substantial increase in the coming weeks.

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