DeFi Activity On Solana (SOL) Picks Up as Sparklo (SPRK) Enters … – Analytics Insight

DeFi Activity On Solana (SOL) Picks Up as Sparklo (SPRK) Enters … – Analytics Insight

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DeFi Activity On Solana (SOL) Picks Up as Sparklo (SPRK) Enters Global Markets

Great news for Solana (SOL) as decentralized finance activities on the blockchain are picking up again, even rising to pre-FTX-collapse levels. Solana (SOL) was one of the networks that took severe damage from FTX’s collapse, as they had a lot of exposure to the crypto exchange. However, the network has picked back up, especially in the first quarter of 2023. Elsewhere, Sparklo (SPRK) enters global markets for precious metals. The trading platform aims to redesign how everyday investors interact with the bullion industry worldwide.

Sparklo (SPRK) Gold and Silver Trading Platform Becomes Latest addition to Alternative Investment Industry

Sparklo is offering a new way to trade in rare metals. It focuses on the big three: gold, silver, and platinum. What makes Sparklo unique is its approach to trading in precious metals. It uses high-end blockchain technology to connect bullion markets worldwide.

It creates a safe, conducive environment that allows traders worldwide to interact and trade assets amongst each other with the increased security and comfort of using blockchain technology.

There are several benefits to using Sparklo. Firstly, A Sparklo user has access to more bullion markets than a regular gold trader thanks to Sparklo’s worldwide access. Being able to access gold markets around the world increases liquidity greatly.

As a result, A Sparklo user would find it easier to complete trades in real-time. They would also get access to the best prices for bullion assets at all times, thanks to the intense price competition that comes with having access to global markets.

Sparklo’s users would also enjoy instant transactions. They would be able to complete trades faster, no matter their location. They would also enjoy unrivaled safety and privacy. Sparklo will be locking liquidity for 100 years alongside locking team tokens for 1000 days. The team has also completed a recent audit with Interfi, and the results are published on Sparklo’s website.

Sparklo is growing fast. It still costs as low as $0.017, but all that’s about to change soon. Investing in Sparklo now might be a great idea as the platform is offering new investors a 30% token bonus, and the offer lasts until May 5th.


Solana (SOL) Defi Activity Rebounds After FTX Collapse

The collapse of the popular crypto exchange, FTX, devastated the entire crypto market. Even worse, many cryptocurrencies that offered Defi activities like staking, lending, yield farming, etc., were severely affected.

One such FTX victim was Solana (SOL) – in the wake of the FTX  collapse, Solana (SOL)’s Defi activity dropped considerably. However, recent data suggest that Defi’s activity on Solana (SOL) is rising to pre-FTX levels.

Some important metrics which show Solana (SOL)’s rising Defi activity include an increase in cumulative decentralized exchange volume, which rose above pre-FTX levels. Four months before FTX collapsed, $5.4 billion worth of transactions were settled on the chain. Since the start of  2023, $5.57 billion worth of transactions have been settled on the chain.

Solana (SOL) also reached $572 million in total value locked – its highest since the end of 2022. The weekly transaction fees generated on the network also increased towards pre-FTX levels. Unfortunately, daily active users remained well below the 200k mark

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