GemDAO: The next Defi 2.0 hidden gem! – GlobeNewswire

GemDAO: The next Defi 2.0 hidden gem! – GlobeNewswire

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GemDAO is developed with team’s desire to build an ecosystem to help the GemDAO’s community easily evaluating, accessing, and investing in projects supported by GemDAO or community’s choice.

| Source: GemDao Co Ltd

Singapore, Aug. 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — GemDAO is a groundbreaking support protocol built on Binance Smart Chain, operating as Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), targeting everyone who loves meme projects on launchpads such as Pinksale, Gempad, Unicrypt…

GemDAO is developed with the team’s desire to build an ecosystem to help the GemDAO’s community evaluate, access, and invest in projects supported by GemDAO or the community’s choice.

Gemdao is built with a team of experienced developers and is supported by famous and reliable advisors in the blockchain field. With that potential, GemDAO is considered a gem in the DAO ecosystem, the project helps investors connect and build a strong crypto community.

GemDAO will contain 4 features:

1-GemNFT: Members have the right to buy NFTs, stake them to receive whitelist slots for projects launched on Gempad, Pinksale, Unicrypt… In addition, NFT holders will be permanently shareholders of GemDao. Profits earned from deals investment will also be divided among NFT holders

NFTs will be divided into four tiers; the higher tier is, the more profit you will get

2-GemShark: Projects can connect to get assessments from GemShark, a highly experienced team of GemDao. After the evaluation process, GemShark will invest in and support marketing products on massive social media and communities of GemDao. Profit from investments will be distributed partly to NFT holders (GemDao shareholders) and GemDao’s token holders.

3-GemVote: Members will have voting rights to cancel or change GemDAO’s decision. All the projects GemDAO intends to invest in will have to go through a community voting round, holding GemDAO’s token.

4-GemPoS: GemDAO will have a mobile app called GemPOS, where everyone can mine GemDAO tokens without cost. Each year, 1% of the total supply can be mined and distributed equally to all GemDAO miners. This can help the GemDAO community grow up quickly and organically. All projects invested by GemShark will be advertised on the GemPoS app.

To connect potential projects closer to real investors, our Gemdao project development team will release the GEMDAO token along with an ecosystem including GemNFT, GemShark, GemVote, and GemPOS… Our ecosystem will bring a whole new experience to its users. Transparency in each transaction, passive income source, the decentralized system with decision-making power in GemDAO token holders’ hands, supporting potential startups considered Mysterious Gems in the Crypto world.

The development team has a specific roadmap for the development of GemDAO, bringing the project to many countries, targeting large communities and KOLs that significantly influence the cryptocurrency market—promising to be an exciting DAO project and bring value to GemDAO users.

Do not miss essential information about GemDAO, follow us through the official communication channels.

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